Tuesday, June 26, 2012


for people who really know me, i can definitely say that they will agree if i say that i am a hopeless romantic.. ok, let me correct that, they'd probably say i used to be one (so that means i'm no longer that girl they used to know)..

but truth is, i am still a hopeless romantic. although my friends would often see me grin every time i see lovers sticking too close like there's no more tomorrow, i still get that kilig moment once in a while.. :) i know that i'll always adore love letters, feel like heaven's so near with crazy nothings, and be in a nirvana like state whenever i'm asked for a slow dance.  i know that i can still go gaga over surprise poetry readings and feel like i'm the prettiest girl in the entire universe just because of a santan flower.  over and above those things, i will always believe in ever afters as i continue to see my parents still so in love with each other after almost 37 years.  that alone is enough for me to believe that there is really magic. that there is really such thing as one true love.

i am not in the mood to be bitter now (hehe)... you may be wondrin' what i am bubbling about here.. i came across a video of a wedding proposal over youtube last night. i loved it so much that i got caught up watching too many wedding proposals. i really enjoyed watching them that i even shed happy tears while watching some of them. (happy sigh), it was just really magical seeing people inlove.. here are some of my favorite videos..

they say every girls greatest dream is her wedding day.. but any girl who sees forever right before her eyes would definitely wear any gown and proceed to a wedding ceremony even right after a proposal.. :) and of course, who would say no if the whole america is there dancing and cheering! :)

and because i love dancing... this is an easy yes...

i instantly loved this video because the couple looks so cute together.. plus i also love mrt and lrt rides when its not too crowded... hai... love is all we need.. love love love..

although i don't really understand why the girl needed to stand on that cute green chair, i just saw a lot of respect from the guy and how much the girl really meant to her.. so cute... 

i super love watching this too... he loves angry birds, but he loves happy francisca more.. (double sigh).. :)

of course, there's the classic school rival love story... ateneo*la salle happily ever after..

hmmm... there's actually so much videos that will surely melt your heart.. but that's all for now.. its almost 1:00 am again..

see, Pilosopong Komikero and Mommy D, i am not the gringe and definitely not a happy zapper as you may be thinking.. i still believe in magic and love... don't i??

062612tuesday na pala.. :)


  1. i was watching rated K last night, and i sort of spaced out after the first segment. it showed weddings against storms, literally.it featured lovers braving the ondoy and many other storms para lang makasal. i shed an invisible tear. tapos today i get to read this. i'm lonely, i know now. i'm sad. i believe in happy ever afters, but i am just sad now. just that.

    how do i rise from envy and fear then? like perhaps you did.

  2. i wish i can say there's an easy way out. i wish i can say there are short cuts. kaso, wala talaga. kagaya ng lagi kong sinasabi sa iba (at sa sarili ko) walang exact formula and moving on and letting go. iba iba ang kwento ng bawat isa. pero sa lahat ng kwentong ito, wala kahit sino ang magsasabi na madali ang pinagdaanan.

    ako, kahit kailan hindi ako nagmadali. even if a lot of people say that i'm crazy or im stupid, i didn't mind. para sa akin, walang ibang tao ang nakakaalam kung ano ang totoong nararamdaman at pinagdadaanan ko. so people can keep saying things about me. ako, i always take my time. nanamnamin ang lungkot kapag tinotopak ako. iiyak kapag naiiyak talaga ako. magmumokmok kapag may mga buntong hiningang hindi ko masagot ang mga tanong. i cry in the shower, inside the train, even in my sleep. then i run to God's arms and curl up as a hurting little girl.

    time will wait for you patiently. so, be gentle with yourself. mabuti na yung nahinog ka dahil sa tamang panahon kesa sa pilit.

    when people say it's taking you too long, just smile and tell them that's the way your heart beat. :)

    you'll be fine. in the meantime, just be. :)

  3. hello anonymous.. thank you for dropping by.. it saddens me to know that you are feeling sad.. nonetheless, i know that things will be well in time.

    how does one rise from envy and fear? the best answer i can give is to choose to. no one said life is fair, nor life is easy. shit happens and when they do, it can be really big time! but you see, everything falls down to a choice.

    if you're talking about envy and fear in ever afters, you might want to check this out.. http://bagonglangit.blogspot.com/2010/07/theexception.html

    if you're having difficulty to choose, try this http://bagonglangit.blogspot.com/2010/07/flippingcoins.html

    if its about something from the past that keeps you from being happy, here are some thoughts.. http://bagonglangit.blogspot.com/2010/08/howeverwhichway.html

    you'll be fine. sending hugs in the wind.. :)

    if you