Tuesday, February 15, 2011


when you go out on a date on hearts day, the best thing to do is to have a great great sleep and wake up at 12 noon the following day, and not report to work.. : )  oh, well, it is a way of bringing with you in dream land the best things that happened through out the day.. not an excuse, just really about savoring, capturing again, and embracing with a happy heart the thoughts of love and people who made extra efforts to make your day really one of a kind..

the day started with hearty greetings to and from people close to heart.. mama, papa, my sisters, and my sweet peas...added to it are whispered prayers and embraces from heaven for souls i truly love..

mmm... this may not be much of a preparation, but i have thought of it before.. i asked my assistant (oh, may assistant ako ah..) to get a picture of me at the office.. this is my way of sending you my love, with a glimpse of my new lungga.. mmm.. i don't have my usual cubicle but it is still my sacred place.. it's kinda limited but i can go with it.. see that smiley? i put it in from of my computer to remind me to smile (at least most of the time).. hehe.. and the sticky notes (oh, you know i can't live without them, hehe)...

here's just after the over-pass walk... from the gate until this area, i was listening to voices from heaven.. oh God, i was really so happy... thank you for the songs and thank you for the greetings.. my heart was really jumping for joy.. thank you for the effort, really.... (tinig, bolang de kanto, pusong matapang, free spirit, teddy bear, maputlang seraphim, fine china, loud but beautiful, charming princess, gifted, naive soul, sweet enzo, saint claire)

here's my valentine dinner with Pilosopong Komikero.. i did not have the intention to steal him from his yabs, but i was granted the permission to be his date.. (hehehe, lucky him)... we wanted a good place to eat, but ended up eating food served on styro and using disposable spoon and fork... nonetheless, it was world chicken so, the food was still heavenly... my favorite mashed potato and grilled chicken with sweet chili sauce.. good for the heart.. : ) to top that, i started eating with a warm hug (through PK) courtesy of via yang.. 

here's a snap shot that hopes to send another warm love for those who sang their hearts out for me...  thank you, thank you..
will i wait a lonely lifetime, if you want me too i will..
forever i love you, i say forever i'll be yours, forever i'll be true
my love will never fade away, even if i die.. so hear me please, i beg you to stay...

these are post cards from heaven.. ooohhh, you'll one day know what they are for..

can't get enough of world chicken so i needed to add twiststicks on this hearts day.. another favorite.. : )

what could hearts day be without playing right.. an hour and a half of real playing.. we played guilty fear, it's kinda similar to teken.. oh well, after 8 rounds of the game, Pilosopong Komikero only won once over me.. (double sigh).. and after another 8 rounds playing with the computer as my opponent, i managed to win 6 times.. hmm, talk about first time to play this game ey?.. i was laughing so hard for being so good.. (pero pusang gala, after the game, my right arm started to ache.. and to top that, it ached the whole night.. bad muscles huh?.. hahaha..)...

my valentine movie courtesy of my date.. although it may seem like he was just forced to watching the movie with me (hehe), i really had a good time and a hearty laugh with the movie... it pays when you are the type of person who is easy to please.. very light movie, but with great punches to wake a sleeping heart... simple plots, but with magic that would tickle your soul.. a valentine movie treat that tried to capture love in many ways.. 3 stories, weaving friendship, hope, courage, faith, and love to bring us to believe in magic again..

on my way home at around 12.25am.. along the streets of ortigas, i had a good way of ending the day.. witnessing my manila moon with two distant stars in the wide ortigas sky.. just a few days from now and it's going to be full again... i smiled at him, and whispered, not at all bad huh?... not at all... happy hearts day.. : )

i am single.. and all my three sisters are taken.. but then again, i always have heaven to thank for giving them sweet and thoughtful boyfriends..

and as they say, it ain't over when you haven't seen it all... a very heart warming video to start my post valentine day from a person with a really sweet soul.. my smiling eyes.. you had me speechless for a while.. really, thank you for the gift... (doodlewerk.blogspot.com)

hindi daw bawal bumati sa araw na ito.. (PK may kill me for this).. pero hindi ko pwedeng palipasin ang araw na hindi rin binabati ang isa pang kaibigan.. (got this picture while aboard a bus.. who said traffics are all bad?)..  happy heart's day RuSs.. : )

too much to say here, but also too much love i have in my heart to let you all know how i miss you and how thankful i am for all of you.. words won't be enough to capture how i feel, but please know that you made this valentines day all worth more than a thousand bouquet of flowers, huge bears, and even the sweetest chocolates one can ever have..

with all my love for all of you.. really, thank you from my jumping, smiling, and happy heart..

i love you..

happy hearts day!

its actually 121511
but what the heck, i'll turn back time for this
121411monday (and its valentines day)

at the end of the day i knew i had a choice,
and that choice is to trust today, hope for tomorrow,
and just love some more..
because even when all else fail,
i know that somewhere out there is my sky,
wide enough to remind me of the immense love it can offer..
-MYAngligaw, feb2011-

wanted to have a heart transplant but the  great doctor of heaven said that
it ain't necessary.. so, heart status now is
eating. praying, loving. running.
and loving more.

what's yours?

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  1. Oy may pictures na. Haha! Ang swerte mo naman at nabigyan ka ng ka-date na gaya ko. Wag masanay ah, pinagbigyan lang kita.

    On a serious note, I had fun knowing my date was in principal-like attire with a heart of a fifth grader. Cheers!

  2. hahaha.. bwisit ka, may principal bang naka raffles? toinks to.. hahaha.. ill put the picture of the movie tiket later and another picture (haha).. low bat camera eh..

    again, thanks thanks.. you were the first to read this, and you're smiling, meaning, i wont get killed by the greeting.. haha..

  3. Pinalagpas ko lang noh, because remember in this blog it's Vday pa rin.
    Change your declared date, and I'll get back on you. HAHA!

  4. we had fun singing haha!though some of us are tone-deaf at kahit siksikan sa cubicle.HAHAHAHA.XD

    though i hate surprises, ang sarap pa ring isipin na mahalaga ka sa [mga] tao at nageffort para dun.

    [belated] HAPPY ♥'S DAY mYa!hugs.Ü

  5. muli, happy valentines day.
    i heart you maya.

    sino daw si sweet enzo?

    glad to see the pictures.

    i miss you kuya marshee.
    bumawi ka kay yabs mo.

  6. *picture saved* HAPPY <3's ulit ate MYA! :D

    -natuwa ako, saw the name 'saint claire'.she also sings. hehe :P

    btw, gsto kong mag kwento pero masyado atang mahaba. pag nagkita nalang siguro tayo. pero may na-realize ako kahapon. nahihiya akong sabihin dto kaya sabihin ko nalang sayo pag nagkita ulit tayo.or sa text nalang! :P

    HAPPY <3's day ulit. happy to see you happy! love you forever and ever and ever and ever! >:D<

  7. @PK.. thank you for making hearts day extra special..

    @simplixiety, MEcode, and anonymous.. thanks for the effort and the love love love...

    love you much..:)

  8. imy. haba na ng hurr! :))

  9. Ate nikki:) this post so nakakatouch.. with matching collide PERFECT:)... i like the status:)..be happy always... addicted2love:)

  10. @toinks.. imy2..more more.. hahaba nga yan hanggat di niya ako kinakausap.. haha.. picturing myself as rapunzel.. weeh...

    @anonymous.. hmm... another anonymous here huh? touching? hmm, so that means i somehow did a good job sending the message across.. well, i hope i can do more for those people i really love.. more than just blogging, my prayers hopefully keep them warm at night, and happy each day that comes..

    more than blessed huh?.. more than blessed.. :)