Sunday, February 27, 2011


"'di na  ko papayag mawala kang muli.. 'di na ko papayag na muling mabawi.."
(lifted from an edsa song, singing this on my way to moa)

a week ago, i was at the crossroads of choosing whether to join the edsa run or 143 go.. surveySAYS the score was tied to 6.. that meant going through discernment to come up with the best decision (hehe, like its a matter of life and death ey!).. well, for people who knows me, they most probably thought that i would go for 143 as they know too well that i am a "feeling-type" of person rather than the "thinking-type.".. believe it or not, i did think about the matter, and yes, after discernment, i knew what run to go to..

both marathons had good intentions.. not that the one is better than the other, i just thought that i would be happier if i choose the cause that would be closest to what i hold on to..

i thought i won't be able to run because i wasn't feeling well the past days.. but i guess, i was meant to run this sunday that i woke up really feeling ready to go.. one thing special about this run was that i had no running buddies with me.. everybody had something else in mind to do.. so, it was just me and the rest were all strangers..

i see this run as another form of "me-myself-and-i time".. see below some of the highlights of the event..

the start and finish line.. at the sight of it, i knew i would finish longer that my past run.. (haha..never mind, its merely finishing the race that i am after this time).. (oh wait, results just in.. ranked 118 out of 263.. run time @36:51 - ill consider this my PB for now)

people warming up with the help of fitness instructors up stage...

in spite of the thick clouds.. myMOON

oh, there you are again..  you really never fail to be present in my runs huh?!! so, are you running with me today?.. i hope it's a yes...

10k category getting ready for the gun start...

love at its best :)

couple run :)

saw them running and i found it really cute.. i asked his permission if i can take a picture of him and his dog.. he said yes and even offered if i wanted to have a picture with his dog.. of course (as usual) i wasn't so adventurous to say  "yes" to the idea.. haha...

i cared. i shared. i loved.
(some women of mary kay)

i liked the shout out of their shirt.. so again i asked permission if i can take a picture of them (man, people are so kind to say yes)..

after the run (that's 5 reps of bruno mars' just the way you are, 4 reps of ambassadors' version of it might be you, and 3 reps of kamakawi'ole's over the rainbow)
... winning moments for me... and meeting piglet's grandad.. so nice!!


after attending last sunday's mass, i knew what run to go to... i was thinking, edsa run was about raising classrooms for the filipino children.. 143go was for the benefit of the OPD pediatric charity patients of the philippine heart center.. thinking further, i arrived at the feeling that if children are given the chance to live longer, they also learn to put the highest value to life, living, and sharing.. and when that happens, they turn out to be people with good hearts.. and if they have good hearts, helping others will come and happen as certain as the sun rising everyday...

heartbeats stronger than ever.. proudMYA..
when we help people heal hearts,
we make our own hearts lovelier as well..
when we help people with ailing hearts, we give them the chance to discover and experience what true love really is...


"'di na ko papayag mawala kang muli, 'di na ko papayag na muling mabawi.."
(i was  refering to my heart when i was singing these lines this morning)..


Friday, February 25, 2011


hrmo newbies - the young ones :)
it wasn't too long ago when i interviewed them and then later became part of our office's human resources management team.. finally, i have new friends here. i started to have company when going home (at least until the main gate), people to joke around with, new running buddies, and being together in sharing anxieties because of our lapses in our respective office tasks.

mas banggag pa si Miss
but i guess, heaven has another plan in store.. Super Rhey was under contract for 165 days as my assistant in recruitment.. it was really a blessing having him around.. he learns fast (and i mean fast) and exudes confidence in what he does.. in fact, Big Boss (my boss) even thinks that he is better than me sometimes (oh, that hurt my ego once, but yeah, he is really a lot better than me in some areas).. i have seen him learn and improve his recruitment and screening skills, and i cannot be more proud to have him learning the craft with me.. because he was on a contractual basis, i had no choice but to let him go.. nonetheless, as one proud Ms Mya, i am happy to note that we were able to refer him to another office.. although his services wont be with us anymore, i will be happy to see him learn new things again.. hay, ill be missing you Supre Rhey.. : )

i can vividly remember Miss Roxy's interview.. she appeared to be very shy.. i sensed that she came from a pampered life, but at the same time i saw her eagerness to challenge herself outside the confines of her family and see how far she can go and do things on her own.. i knew you have the skills to make things happen, but as life's mysteries unfolded, i guess heaven really had other plans.. 

no goodbyes, only see you later.. 
if we want to keep our friendship, finding ways on how to keep it should be a priority.. what better way to do it than pig outs and sleep overs.. 
1st stop, Balagtas, Bulacan. 022411-thursday..

on the way out the main gate, we saw Piloposopong Komikero and my officemates were pushing that he comes with us... what's good about it was the fact that we now have our official photographer... yahoo... : )

i actually requested Ms Roxy's nanay to cook kare-kare for us.. PK was telling me that i was like a spoiled brat with the request.. there was also adobo and beef kimchi as add ons.. i think its my best dinner for 2011 so far.. (haist, next to my Mama's new year cooking of course).. 

PK enjoying the swing.. 

with Rice Queen 

PK lumamon galore and clicked right away with my office buddies.. 

oishi gourmet (regular) salt flavor and bbq tortillos topped with beef kimchi (c/o of PK) and fritos cheese dip..  

resting time.. taking advantage of the air conditioned room..

PK and Rice Queen kidding around (pretending they were holding a thick book where in fact they were holding blankets na inarmirol - haha, that was the hardest blanket i have ever seen).. hahaha..

and then there were three.. lumpiang sariwa, lumpiang ubod, at lumpiang hilaw.. 

nanay prepared us a hearty breakfast.. hmm, daing na bangus, corned beef, left over adobo, and itlog na maalat with tomatoes.. (oohh, a breakfast which strongly reminded me of people from home, hai8).. we also had lechon kawali and sinigang na sugpo over lunch. unfortunately, i did not bring along with me the charger of the camera so we weren't able to take a picture of it.. still, the food was completely superb!!

time flies so fast.. and i am glad i have found new friends here.. hopefully, my friendship with them will also be like those i have back home..

i will surely miss Super Rhey and Miss Roxy in the office.. but i know sleep overs, marathons, and road trips will come along..

see you later.. 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


what i am feeling right now is being thankful to heaven even if  i know that my ultimate dream and happiness will never be mine.. 

what i am feeling right not is being thankful to heaven for the chance of watching someone sleep even if i knew i had all the chances to go out and play in the rain..

what i am feeling right now is being thankful to heaven for allowing me to witness the sweetest smiles and the most assuring eyes i have ever seen in my life..

what i am feeling right now is being thankful to heaven for wednesdays, full moons, deep sighs and endless love..

what i am feeling right now is being thankful to heaven,
because at the end of the day,
i can still manage to love and laugh even if it hurts big time.. 

oh well, here comes the sun after all... : )

(just a reply to Seraphim)..
goodnight Seraphim.. just thinking aloud again.. 

(see, its wednesday)

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Monday, February 21, 2011


this sore throat is killing me.. i probably will have difficulty sleeping tonight so i might as well do something for my blog.. i am actually not in the mood to write but i feel i badly need to come up of something just to fill in this lull night..

happy hot dot & champorado for dinner
his favorite spot sa lrt
for two consecutive days last week, PK and i argued about his usual rumblings about my life.. oh well, he insists that i have a very boring life.. you and your hr work, uwi kasabay ako, kakain tayo dinner, ieenjoy mo mrt ride mo, dating sa unit, pag weekend tatakbo.. then he'll say that i am so jologs (i.e eating chicken na nasa plastic habang naglalakad sa mall; or not being able to control my eating dahil bawal habang nasa compounds pa ng lrt station pa kami; or eating champorado for dinner; or ang lakas ng boses ko when talking to him.. etc..).. and when i want to kid around the mall, he would pretend he's not with me because of shame..then call me a freak.. and a lot of times he'll act as if my life is so pathetic or worst, act as if i don't have a life at all.. gee shock!

got tired with the monkey bars
i really do not understand his points sometimes.. i have been thinking about it and i cannot comprehend his thoughts about me.. or maybe, is it that i am really too boring now that even i do not get to see that my life is boring?.. poor me? : )

thank god its friday
pero hindi naman talaga kasi.. i mean, is it so hard to understand that i am doing okay with what i am doing now?.. i mean, i don't need to party and dress up and put make up on and go to blind dates or attend speed dating or wear 4 inched high heeled shoes  and meet guys and be friends and meet others again and be friends and go out and get drunk and party and party some more, just to break the routine.. oh well, did i just said too much again?

i so love the details of this shoes
hmmm... i know i am not bored.. and i know i am pretty okay these past weeks... i can smile a lot now and even laugh out loud.. i am better.. not yet at my best but really, better.. in fact, i just bought myself a new pair of office shoes... wala lang..  : )

see i came up with something tonight! superME.. : )


Saturday, February 19, 2011


here's a glimpse of the survey results and believe it or not, the thoughts about the matter were both interesting and oh, entertaining..


build classrooms. but if you can, choose both. but choose the classrooms because you can help more people when you build classrooms- the educational sector.. - Pilyong Querubin

i would go for both.. but if you'll only choose one, classrooms.. - Free Spirit

143run.. malamang konti lang ang tatakbo dun so you'll be part of the small minority who will help the dying hearts.. yung sa edsa madami na eh.. - Via Yang

edsa run.. kasi when you help a lot of people, its one way of helping your heart be whole again.. its hitting two birds with one stone - Pilosopong Komikero

build classrooms - Munting Tinig

yung pangalawa.. yun na yun, hearts na - Seth

edsa run kasi kulang na kulang ang classrooms natin sa pilipinas - Simply Rhey

143go.. yung build classrooms responsibility na yun ng government - Teddy Bear

nike lunar rejuvinate - saving up for this :)
143go, di ko alam kung bakit, siguro kasi sure ako na may pupuntahan, at kasi hindi lahat na gusto mag aral nakakapag aral kahit sangkaterba pa ang classroom dyan.. - Smiling Eyes

143 ang vote ko, wala lang.. - Maputlang Seraphim

its 5-5.. so pano yan.. i'll need a tie breaker.. hehehe...


Friday, February 18, 2011


edsa run vs 143 go?
parang sinabi mo na rin na pumili ako,
para sa bayan o para sa  puso?

3 weeks ago, sabi ko 143 go..

7 days ago, sabi ko edsa run..

sa oras na ito,
di ko na alam.

ps. happy birthday teddy bear...


full moon sa bagong langit

in front of a row of food chains
Berdeng Ibon went down to memory lane

kapag greenwich naaalala ko ang Rubbing alcohol
kapag red ribbon naaalala ko ang Tinapay ng buwan
kapag araneta coliseum naalala ko ang  Macaroni

ikaw Mya,
sinong naaalala mo sa chowking?
from where i sleep.. my artMOON  

the best things in life are free... :)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


when you go out on a date on hearts day, the best thing to do is to have a great great sleep and wake up at 12 noon the following day, and not report to work.. : )  oh, well, it is a way of bringing with you in dream land the best things that happened through out the day.. not an excuse, just really about savoring, capturing again, and embracing with a happy heart the thoughts of love and people who made extra efforts to make your day really one of a kind..

the day started with hearty greetings to and from people close to heart.. mama, papa, my sisters, and my sweet peas...added to it are whispered prayers and embraces from heaven for souls i truly love..

mmm... this may not be much of a preparation, but i have thought of it before.. i asked my assistant (oh, may assistant ako ah..) to get a picture of me at the office.. this is my way of sending you my love, with a glimpse of my new lungga.. mmm.. i don't have my usual cubicle but it is still my sacred place.. it's kinda limited but i can go with it.. see that smiley? i put it in from of my computer to remind me to smile (at least most of the time).. hehe.. and the sticky notes (oh, you know i can't live without them, hehe)...

here's just after the over-pass walk... from the gate until this area, i was listening to voices from heaven.. oh God, i was really so happy... thank you for the songs and thank you for the greetings.. my heart was really jumping for joy.. thank you for the effort, really.... (tinig, bolang de kanto, pusong matapang, free spirit, teddy bear, maputlang seraphim, fine china, loud but beautiful, charming princess, gifted, naive soul, sweet enzo, saint claire)

here's my valentine dinner with Pilosopong Komikero.. i did not have the intention to steal him from his yabs, but i was granted the permission to be his date.. (hehehe, lucky him)... we wanted a good place to eat, but ended up eating food served on styro and using disposable spoon and fork... nonetheless, it was world chicken so, the food was still heavenly... my favorite mashed potato and grilled chicken with sweet chili sauce.. good for the heart.. : ) to top that, i started eating with a warm hug (through PK) courtesy of via yang.. 

here's a snap shot that hopes to send another warm love for those who sang their hearts out for me...  thank you, thank you..
will i wait a lonely lifetime, if you want me too i will..
forever i love you, i say forever i'll be yours, forever i'll be true
my love will never fade away, even if i die.. so hear me please, i beg you to stay...

these are post cards from heaven.. ooohhh, you'll one day know what they are for..

can't get enough of world chicken so i needed to add twiststicks on this hearts day.. another favorite.. : )

what could hearts day be without playing right.. an hour and a half of real playing.. we played guilty fear, it's kinda similar to teken.. oh well, after 8 rounds of the game, Pilosopong Komikero only won once over me.. (double sigh).. and after another 8 rounds playing with the computer as my opponent, i managed to win 6 times.. hmm, talk about first time to play this game ey?.. i was laughing so hard for being so good.. (pero pusang gala, after the game, my right arm started to ache.. and to top that, it ached the whole night.. bad muscles huh?.. hahaha..)...

my valentine movie courtesy of my date.. although it may seem like he was just forced to watching the movie with me (hehe), i really had a good time and a hearty laugh with the movie... it pays when you are the type of person who is easy to please.. very light movie, but with great punches to wake a sleeping heart... simple plots, but with magic that would tickle your soul.. a valentine movie treat that tried to capture love in many ways.. 3 stories, weaving friendship, hope, courage, faith, and love to bring us to believe in magic again..

on my way home at around 12.25am.. along the streets of ortigas, i had a good way of ending the day.. witnessing my manila moon with two distant stars in the wide ortigas sky.. just a few days from now and it's going to be full again... i smiled at him, and whispered, not at all bad huh?... not at all... happy hearts day.. : )

i am single.. and all my three sisters are taken.. but then again, i always have heaven to thank for giving them sweet and thoughtful boyfriends..

and as they say, it ain't over when you haven't seen it all... a very heart warming video to start my post valentine day from a person with a really sweet soul.. my smiling eyes.. you had me speechless for a while.. really, thank you for the gift... (

hindi daw bawal bumati sa araw na ito.. (PK may kill me for this).. pero hindi ko pwedeng palipasin ang araw na hindi rin binabati ang isa pang kaibigan.. (got this picture while aboard a bus.. who said traffics are all bad?)..  happy heart's day RuSs.. : )

too much to say here, but also too much love i have in my heart to let you all know how i miss you and how thankful i am for all of you.. words won't be enough to capture how i feel, but please know that you made this valentines day all worth more than a thousand bouquet of flowers, huge bears, and even the sweetest chocolates one can ever have..

with all my love for all of you.. really, thank you from my jumping, smiling, and happy heart..

i love you..

happy hearts day!

its actually 121511
but what the heck, i'll turn back time for this
121411monday (and its valentines day)

at the end of the day i knew i had a choice,
and that choice is to trust today, hope for tomorrow,
and just love some more..
because even when all else fail,
i know that somewhere out there is my sky,
wide enough to remind me of the immense love it can offer..
-MYAngligaw, feb2011-

wanted to have a heart transplant but the  great doctor of heaven said that
it ain't necessary.. so, heart status now is
eating. praying, loving. running.
and loving more.

what's yours?

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


i had a fun-filled saturday.. i had a day-off the office and went to tagaytay with people i didn't know (not until this morning).. the road trip was great.. i shared stories, and (in betweens) they would talk in their vernacular and there i would put myself to zzzzz-world.... :) nonetheless, it was a blessing meeting and forming new ties of friendship.. they're chinese, of different breed, but really with sweet and lovely hearts..

kuya rolly  drove us safely to tagaytay and back in manila.. ms. sylvia, 77 years old but very young at heart.. a filipina but now an american citizen.. your stories about so many countries you've visited made the trip more interesting..

yolanda.. 19 days in the philippines isn't enough to experience filipino culture at its best.. then again, i am glad that i was part of these 19 days.. although you may seem at a loss when i speak fast, you will always remind me of those round eyes (you really chinese or what? :))

bro. joseph.. oh, another scholastic for a friend ey.. :) the road to translation of my points to yolandas world.. hehe.. i can vividly remember your thin eyes going big when you saw the special bulalo for lunch.. and wohhh, you amazed me when you excitedly finished up the bulalo.. you really did give justice to the bulalo's purpose of existence... 

kevin.. 2 years in the philippines and dreaming to bring your family here for good.. i was in awe when you spoke of your catholic baptism, of love for my country and the people in it.. you stopped after a minute of explaining to me what you do for work because you said it will bore me.. i was actually wondering if i looked bored when you were starting to talk about it.. hahaha.. but honestly, it was not that i was bored, financial matters aren't after all my cup of tea.. i was also smiling when you looked so amazed that to know that you can light different colored candles because they meant different prayers.. and you, writing excitedly your prayers on paper at the pink sisters convent made me look at heaven with full smiles..

more pictures of the trip.. just playing around and having fun.. enjoying the sweet-cold-fresh breeze of tagaytay... kevin wanted to see macho girls so we did some macho poses.. this is yolanda's and bro joseph's wacky pose (oh, ok)..



celebrating hearts day in advance with all of you was fun.. i feel more blessed to have this chance of spending this day with all of you.. looking forward to seeing you again.. 

happy hearts day everyone.. :)