Saturday, May 26, 2012


i went strolling at the mall after my class.. it's sta lucia's 21st anniversary and there was a talent search for kids going on at the activity center.  i decided to find a good spot and watched the cute kids do the ramp.  then there was the turn of guest artists to perform.  kapuso talents louise de los reyes and alden richards performed song numbers separately. i really enjoyed watching the fans go gaga over them.  it was like watching simple but pure happiness.  my heart was also happy seeing people celebrate their simple joys.

sometimes, whenever we see girls freak out because they see their favorite artists, a lot of us find them over-reacting and shallow. but this afternoon, i just realized that really, the best things in life are free.

thank you God for simple joys.. :)

ps. ang ganda ni louise at sobrang cute ng dimples ni alden.. :) 



hello Jesus.. and gwapo mo naman ngayon! :)

this was the first thought bubble i had upon entering our session hall during my 3-day retreat at the Carmelite missionaries, center of spirituality in tagaytay.  i knew that my heart was extra happy because at last my waiting for the big-day was over.  finally, it's wasting time again with Jesus. :)

one of my favorite spaces 
my retreat experience today was special in a different way. compared to my past retreats where i do a lot of talking, this time was more like allowing myself to just sit beside Jesus and embrace the music of silence. graces came pouring like rain, everything was just pure blessing.  i will be sharing with you my first response to the first invitation of silence, prayer, and reflection..

2011 was pretty much like 2010. no day went by without me going back to my reasons for leaving home.  not a single day passed without looking and longing for people whom my heart knew well. it was painful. it was an everyday struggle. not a single day went without me asking God "why?"

at the roofdeck.. i so loved this space
but like all of my other crosses, i took the experience with full embrace.  hard as it is, i embraced every pain and tear.  with stubborn-like humility, i placed myself in the arms of God and waited for the perfect time.. courage to accept things i cannot change, strength to do the things i need to do, and most of all, wisdom to know the difference.. those were continuous shout outs and whispers to God.

i waited. i hurt. i waited while i hurt.

the struggles of each day.. the pain of the entire process.. the whole idea of waiting.. the u-turns and many relapse were graces in itself.

i just needed to wait. and understand. and hope in His love.

i knew and felt that something will happen in His perfect time.

because He never left me.

i am truly grateful because i know that i am blessed in so many ways. as i go back to my normal life, i bring with me a rested heart and a re-fueled spirit. i continue to beg in prayer that i always be reminded that all that i have now, and all that i do is for my God's greater glory.

retreat 051712 to 051912
posted 052612sabado

ei Jesus, ang gwapo mo talaga ngayon :)

i love this picture so much.. and i longed for papa all the more 
like unspoken love, it's the loudest sound of all :)
with yellowGuy (Gee)
after the retreat. L-R: james, ms. peachy, dotie, fr. florge sj, me, dianne

Saturday, May 19, 2012


people were asking me about my birthday project this year? last year was a simple party at the virlanie foundation and friends helped raised school supplies for the kids ( it was indeed a fun-filled day.

this year, i have decided to support a scholar from kara david's project malasakit. since i also believe that education is meant to be shared to everyone, i believe that through this, i will be able to help in the advocacy on education. i don't have much resources to share, but i think my small amount of contribution which will be in a monthly basis will help out in ways more than one.  

the project malasakit supports a number of scholars.  mostly identified through the documentaries covered by kara david.  one of the scholars is actually from camarines norte, jonel dasco, who is a child laborer in paracale.  i was able to watch him in the i witness documentary gintong putik and was really saddened that he has to work for a lot of reasons.  seeing him just made me even more decided to do something about it. 

school is about to start, and i am also excited for the scholars to be back to the classrooms again.  if you would like to also help, feel free to check the website and share it with friends. instructions on how you can be of help to the foundation are reflected on the site.

little steps can bring so much if put together.
so, for those who helped me raise funds at last year's birthday project, i would welcome help with waiting arms.

because at the end of the day, like jonel and other people working for the family, the purpose for doing things is even more than getting gold... dahil hindi lahat ng kumikinang ay ginto.. :)

no one has so little that there is nothing more give,
nor so much that there is nothing more to receive.



nothing is really too late to let people you love know how important they are in our lives...
so here goes,
to the most beautiful woman i will ever know,

happy mother's day mama.
i will always thank God for your unconditional love for all of us.

thank you for raising us well, for teaching us what love is and what love is not.
thank you for being the best mama.

know that i love you so much.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


dear God,
please take care of my papa
i really feel so helpless being apart from him
keep him in your healing arms
in full humility i beg you this


Sunday, May 6, 2012


 i just turned 33. oh boy! another year older. :)

my age was never an issue for me. although a lot of people love to joke about my age, it never goes down to my nerves.  probably because age is just a number for me.  and so, turning 33 still merits a celebration!

it was a real deal when i first received my first text of the day.  haha.. God surely knows how to make someone truly happy. day at the office was a mixture of lovely greetings and cute gifts. i received a mc donalds muffin with cheese and a greeting card from my officemate's children (isyan, mine, and brian). papa bear also gave me my favorite belgian waffles (yummy!)..  but what was hilarious was receiving this ube hopia from an officemate.  he did not know that the color is like my kryptonite. i took the gift anyway, but told him i am not going to eat it.  we had a big laugh at it. :)

my sisters (and their boyfriends) and our housemates prepared something for me as well. i was like this little kid whose eyes got too excited upon seeing big-multicolored-balloons on the floor.  bhem prepared desert for all of us.  it was really so sweet of her to do that.   

i also received these cute greeting cards from dyllan and dynelle.  they're really so cute.  they also showed me their singing and dancing skills to make me happy during the salo-salo.  my sisters also had fun watching them.  it was truly a blast.  their energy was contagious. 

the day's celebration was simple but it was more than enough.  how i wished my papa and mama is here with us for the celebration, but just hearing their voices make me feel they're also around.  greetings from friends at home was a gem too. i must though admit that i still cried after realizing i miss someone so bad.  

at the end of the day, i slept feeling blessed with so much. i am with people who supports and love me; i love what i am doing at work; my boss is sending me to school which is really exciting; i am improving on my swimming skills; and my sisters have really good boyfriends.  

i just turned 33. oh boy! another year older.  not complete.. but happy :)

thank you Lord!