Saturday, May 26, 2012


hello Jesus.. and gwapo mo naman ngayon! :)

this was the first thought bubble i had upon entering our session hall during my 3-day retreat at the Carmelite missionaries, center of spirituality in tagaytay.  i knew that my heart was extra happy because at last my waiting for the big-day was over.  finally, it's wasting time again with Jesus. :)

one of my favorite spaces 
my retreat experience today was special in a different way. compared to my past retreats where i do a lot of talking, this time was more like allowing myself to just sit beside Jesus and embrace the music of silence. graces came pouring like rain, everything was just pure blessing.  i will be sharing with you my first response to the first invitation of silence, prayer, and reflection..

2011 was pretty much like 2010. no day went by without me going back to my reasons for leaving home.  not a single day passed without looking and longing for people whom my heart knew well. it was painful. it was an everyday struggle. not a single day went without me asking God "why?"

at the roofdeck.. i so loved this space
but like all of my other crosses, i took the experience with full embrace.  hard as it is, i embraced every pain and tear.  with stubborn-like humility, i placed myself in the arms of God and waited for the perfect time.. courage to accept things i cannot change, strength to do the things i need to do, and most of all, wisdom to know the difference.. those were continuous shout outs and whispers to God.

i waited. i hurt. i waited while i hurt.

the struggles of each day.. the pain of the entire process.. the whole idea of waiting.. the u-turns and many relapse were graces in itself.

i just needed to wait. and understand. and hope in His love.

i knew and felt that something will happen in His perfect time.

because He never left me.

i am truly grateful because i know that i am blessed in so many ways. as i go back to my normal life, i bring with me a rested heart and a re-fueled spirit. i continue to beg in prayer that i always be reminded that all that i have now, and all that i do is for my God's greater glory.

retreat 051712 to 051912
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ei Jesus, ang gwapo mo talaga ngayon :)

i love this picture so much.. and i longed for papa all the more 
like unspoken love, it's the loudest sound of all :)
with yellowGuy (Gee)
after the retreat. L-R: james, ms. peachy, dotie, fr. florge sj, me, dianne

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