Sunday, August 8, 2010


appletheas blog kept me thinking the whole night. the words goodbye and letting go left a big blow in my heart.

is there an easy way to utter the word?
a way where one need not leave a tear for another
is it possible to even speak the word if we are still loving?
or is there even a way to say it in such case..
when do we say goodbye?
when do we know it is time?

letting go.
what do we let go in the first place?
are these the pictures, letters and other stuff collected?
are these the memories kept in the treasure box of the soul?
does it even include the hope that the heart continues to whisper?
when do we let go?
when do we know it is time?
do we let go even if the heart tells us otherwise?

moving on.
how do we really move on?
what does it entail to do such?
how long does it take for a heart to learn to embrace the present?
how far can the soul go for another round?
can we move on if we are still loving?
when do we know we are moving on?
when do we know we are ready to move on?

one can say goodbye, even if she chooses not to let go.
one can say i am letting go, even if moving on will not be an option at all.
one can say i am moving on, wtihout the need of saying goodbye and even letting go.

other people say all three should come together. they say that it is not possible for one soul to be whole again, or for a heart to learn to trust again if one move is missing. 

i say it is possible. it is always possible.
because true love can always say goodbye without not giving up on love.
true love can choose not to let go but at the same time it is moving on.
true love can move on without saying goodbye and letting go.

others might still say that only the martyrs do that. only fools will choose to do that.
i say it is not easy at all. but i will keep saying it is always possible.



  1. bakit kailangang magpaalam kung mahal nyo ang isa't isa?

    magpaparaya ka pa rin ba kahit na alam mong sa'yo siya masaya?

    kailangang bang magpatuloy kahit na alam mong babalik siya?

  2. @simplixiety

    toinks ka, syempre sa mga tinanong mo, hindi ang dapag na sagot.. hehe..

    love is a two way street..
    pero ang supper duper true love,
    ok na ang one way lang...


  3. sometimes, the best way to love is to set free...
    oftentimes--in goodbyes, letting go and moving on--stories of pain and struggles are beyond description yet with these experiences the strength of the heart is truly discovered, for even beyond undescribed pain it continues to beat, beat and beat again until such time that the brokenness is healed and it is ready to love again.

  4. may instances na mahal nyo ang isa't isa pero kailangang maghiwalay.

    may mga rason kung bakit kailangang ipaubaya siya sa iba.

    so, yung tanong ko refers to true love.

  5. @via yang.. yah, thats the beauty of pain, the heart continues to beat with it.. fly again? hmm, maybe.. after all, flying again should not only mean learning to love again..

    @simplixiety.. sabi nga sa movie.. paano daw kung ikaw yung tanging dahilan kung bakit pinili nya na lang na mag mahal ng iba?

  6. haist...
    siguro ganyan talaga yellow cab at simplixiety,
    ang pag-ibig ay hindi lamang kaisipan o pakiramdam ito ay buong karanasan ng isip, puso, katawan at espiritu.
    tandaan na lamang natin-- lubisin ang pagiging tao umibig ng totoo. :-)

  7. sige.. umibig lang ng totoo..
    hai naku via yang..

  8. hmm... parang may negative reaction si yellowcab sa latest comment ni via yang ah.

    lubusin ang pagiging tao.
    umibig ng totoo.

    easy to say,
    pero mahirap gawin.