Saturday, August 14, 2010


she had been silent since she entered the office. the lrt ride even brought her to thoughts of the other world. being up the ride seemed not enough to focus on her now-world.  barely there. barely present.

people coming in and out the office failed to divert her thoughts. she was making temporary ids for project employees. holding the ruler with her left and a small cutter in her right, she smoothly slid the blade to cut the patterns.  thoughts were still drifting. names and faces came like flashcards.

its bleeding, she heard a voice. she realized a cut from her thumb.  its bleeding, repeated the voice. i know, she answered (not refering to the wound, but to her heart).

go to the clinic and have it treated added another voice. its nothing, it will heal on its own (she answered, her thoughts were actually about her life). 

but the cut is quite big, it surely is painful they said. it is painful. you can never describe the pain, she ended (they were still refering to the wound, but her answers were intended for something else). 

one older mate added,
malayo yan sa bituka, kaya niya yan.

she looked at her and tried to flash a smile.
opo, maghihilom din po ito (sabay ang isang buntong hininga).



  1. isn't it funny?
    minsan o madalas nga,
    ang mga simpleng bagay na pinaguusapan natin sa araw-araw ay may mga malalalim na ibig sabihin.
    mga simpleng usapang akala natin mababaw na bagay lang, 'yon pala mas may malalim na pinanghuhugutan.

    another lesson learned.
    bilib na talaga ako sa'yo ate.
    the best ka...

    i want to be creative like you, braveheart, via yang, urban miss, cutedevil(sa blog ko), and kuya marshal, especially when it comes to writing.

  2. @simplixiety..

    i like your blogs as well.. creative ka naman ah.. and besides, lahat naman ng sinusulat namin product lang ng mga nangyayari samin.. hindi naman yun pinag iisipan na gawing creative.. just write what you feel.. just write your thoughts.. yun lang yun.. yung creativity, wala naman yun..

    teka, im speaking for myself lang pala.. basta ako, lahat lang ng sinusulat ko mga naiisip ko lang o nararamdaman.. habang naglalakad mag isa, o nasa mrt, o eating alone, o naliligo, o kaya kapag caught in trafic.. pero mas madalas kapag nakatanga lang ako at nakatitig sa kalawakan..

    just write..