Saturday, August 21, 2010


i was still in deep sleep this morning when suddenly i felt a tiny hand embracing me.  i noticed it was jm, my sisters little girl.  she laid down beside me and hugged me. it was surprising since its actually our first time to meet.  we werent even introduced yet.

still feeling too sleepy, i just took her hand to signal that it was okay to hug me.  she responded further by filling in the spaces of my fingers with hers. little hand... little fingers..

the feeling all seemed too familiar.. i was having the feelings of two different worlds i used to have.. its been a couple of days already since i managed to flash a genuine smile..
it really felt good.. before she left, she gave me a
kiss on the cheek and a quick hug..

i remember the days...
i can only remember...



  1. cute.

    wish to have my own little girl.
    someone i can take care and treat as my own daughter.

    i want to be hugged and kissed like what jm did.


  2. :) oo, ang sarap nga ng pakiramdam.. akala ko nga, abot kamay na din sa akin ang ganung eksena..

    hmm.. hay..

    but really, jm is the sweetest little girl i have ever met..