Sunday, August 1, 2010


tonight was the game 6 for the pba semis between bmeg and san miguel. san miguel won.. i was expecting it actually (sorry Seth, it was really our game tonight..)..

although i wanted to savor the victory, i am celebrating it halfheartedly. somewhere out there, Clearwater is feeling sad..

side by side my thoughts on Clearwater, i cannot help but also have my thoughts on James Yap..  seeing him missed his three point shots and even his two free throws was devastating.. i can see and feel the frustration and sadness in his eyes.. not making it to the finals would (probably) give him the feeling of how life can really be mean and cruel at times.. alam mo yung feeling na nakipag hiwalay na nga sayo yung mahal mo, malayo ka na nga sa anak mo, tapos eto pa, yung isa pang nagbibigay halaga sa buhay mo, sumablay pa.. yung tipong, ayan na sana, pero di pa rin binigay sayo ng langit.. iniisip ko lang, malungkot siyang matutulog ngayong gabi..

bigsigh.. you know what i am also thinking right now?  i am thinking, really it is true when they say that when it rains, it pours.. and it really pours hard... damn may really suck at times..

san miguel won tonight.. they still have to fight for the grand prize.. it is still anybodys game..

and like life,
we get/commit fouls (offensive or defensive);
we may get injured along the way;
we may be one of the benchwarmers at some points;
we may have the greatest or worst play offs;
or if we get lucky, be the pog or the mvp;

we can never be sure what is in store for us ahead..
like the blue moon,
not everyone gets a free throw..

i believe,
what matters then is how we played the game..
that will spell the difference..

(borrowing via yangs).. bilog ang bola..
bilog ang buwan..



  1. I love basketball too.

    grabe, lahat na lang may connection sa buhay.
    I guess this is really LIFE.

    Another lesson learned from yellowcab.

  2. I love basketball too.

    Grabe, lahat na lang may connection sa buhay.
    I guess this is really LIFE.

    Hindi man ako magaling maglaro sa loob ng court.
    At least, pag nasa game ako,
    I'm trying to have the best game of my life.

    Another lesson learned from yellowcab :)