Tuesday, August 24, 2010


malayo man ako, know that i am truly proud of all of you..
Free Spirit, Brave Heart, Batang Bubuwit, Ibong Pipit, at si Ginintuang Puso..
just enjoy the experience.. meet new friends too..

sasabihin ng iba na competitive mode na naman ako.. di naman sa ganun,
ang lagi ninyo lang tandaan, you were given the opportunity to share yourself, kaya ibuhos din lahat..
if things dont work the way you want it to be, still be thankful that you had the opportunity to try it..

yah, i hope by that time, i will have the courage to see you..
and i hope this time, seeing someone from home would bring me smile rather than tears..

basta, my best wishes to all of you..
ngayon palang i am celebrating with you na..



  1. hugs!

    thank you ate.
    wow! new names found sa post na 'to ha.
    really looking forward to see you ate,
    sana pag nangyari yun,
    ngiti ang makita namin.

    gonna do my best ate,
    opportunity na 'to,
    won't let this get away easily.


  2. para kay yellowCAB

    sobrang maraming salamat ate.
    basta, no pressure,
    take it slow,
    kung hindi mo talgang kayang we meet up,
    it's so okay.

    basta ba you pray for our success. XD
    love you.

    para kay emotera...

    tama, this is once in a lifetime.
    grab it or grab it even thigher XD
    goodluck po ng madami.. sa atin.


  3. kinakabahan ako yet excited.

    mwaah, both for braveheart and yellowcab.

  4. hmm.. teary eyed while reading your comments.. dont worry, i also hope i will be brave enough to see you.. i still have a few days to work on it.. :)

    yes, dont let it just pass you by.. grab it or grab it even tighter.. whatever happens, totoo, happy and proud ako.. kahit di ako vocal before sa achievements ninyo, heaven knows how proud i am when it comes to people sa office.. i also take pride sa achievements ng mga tao sa office, may it be winning a simple contest or a big one.. whether bringing home the bacon or merely going home with the experience lang..

    sige.. you prepare for your activities.. while i also prepare myself...

    yah, i hope i see you too..