Monday, August 16, 2010


our laundry area is quite limitted in terms of space. because of that, we set our schedules to take turns in doing the laundry. mine is during fridays or saturday nights. 

last saturday though, i came home too tired so i decided to do my laundry the following day.  however, my sister suggested na ibabad ko na ang mga lalabhan ko.. and so, i gathered my stuff and put it sa planggana with soap and water..

after taking my lunch the next day, and while watching kiterunner,  i decided to do my laundry.. TOINKS.. holding a newly bought white blouse, i saw the hundred islands of the philippines in purple.. DAMN!! i suddenly remember my laundry 101 lesson in my home economics class.. DOUBLE DAMN!! that was a new blouse i bought last weekend, and i have only used it once.. TRIPLE DAMN! that could have been equal to 4 good meals. QUADRUPLE DAMN! while trying to scrub away the purple stain, a tiny voice in my head was whispering childishly.. didnt i tell you not to wear that purple thing.. did i not tell you it would be a bad idea to wear that purple blouse.. you silly girl.. now what?

while on my way home tonight, walking in the rain, at natapilok na naman, i cannot help but think of that purple stain.. a piece of myself continued to wonder why i forgot to separate the white blouse with the purple blouse.. it could have been a very simple laundry case..

hai.. i just thought,
sometimes, just when you start to learn to do your baby steps, or you start to trust your wings to prepare for your next big flight,
things can just change again.. twists can come like pop ups and greet you with a surprise.. or sometimes, they can come like pinches to your heart and soul..

just when you thought you are starting to bounce back,
life can give you more surprises..

and then you wonder again, you ask again..
what is the meaning of all these..
can heaven just spare me please..



  1. lesson learned. hehehe
    laundry 101 ika nga...

    life has really LOTS of surprises,
    kung kailan tayo handa ng lumipad ng mag-isa gamit ang sarili nating mga pakpak,
    saka naman biglang umulan.

    it doesn't mean na something negative ang ulan.
    it's just that we don't know what will happen next.

  2. para kay yeLLowcab.

    kawawang blouse...
    kawawa talaga.

    minsan, nga naman we forget things...
    we leave, we are left, we inflict pain and we get inflicted with pain...
    truth is, tama si emotera, the rain isn'y negative...
    diba it used to hide the moon,
    it used to make you feel happy magtampisaw...

    we'll never know, we'll never really know.
    but choosing to TRY again makes it all worth it XD

    sana may tama ako sa sinabi ko, hahaha.

    miss you.

  3. @simplixiety and braveheart..

    tama mga sinabi ninyo.. rain isnt all negative.. in fact, i am loving the rain again lately.. aside from the good memories i have of playing in the rain, rain can also conceal ones tears.. di mo mapapansin kung gaano na karami yung niluha mo pag nasa ilalim ka ng ulan..

    choosing to try makes it all worth it?
    does it really make everything worth it?

    gaano ba dapat kataas ang capacity ng tao para hindi siya magsawang sumubok?

    and just when you thought youre learning to deal with your new world,
    what then is lifes purpose for the pop ups that inflict hurt and questions?

    i really dont understand..
    how can life be so unfair?

  4. tulad ni yellowcab,
    i also love the rain kapag gusto kong umiyak, gusto ko ring maglaro habang umuulan tulad ng mga bata, at gusto ko ring magtampisaw sa ulan.

    with my new learning sa philo 3,
    under sir remodo...
    nagbabago pananaw ko sa buhay.

  5. @simplixiety..

    di mo naman sinagot yung mga tanong ko? :(

  6. di ko rin ate alam ang sagot sa tanong mo.
    i don't know why life's so unfair.

    di ko alam kung sino ang sisisihin, ano ang mga dahilan, o bakit kailangang mangyari ang mga bagay-bagay.


  7. sabagay..
    letting go of a big sigh now..