Sunday, August 8, 2010


(lifted from appletheas blog entry 080610)

there is a difference between goodbye and letting go
GOODBYE is I'll see you again when I'm ready to hold your hand and you're ready to hold mine
LETTING GO is I'll miss your hand but I realized it's not mine to hold and will never hold it again.

i asked myself:
in what situations goodbye is the option?
in what circumstances letting go is the solution?

for a
confused mind
broken heart
withered spirit
rejected soul

will there ever be a better option between goodbye and letting go
when hope is an enemy and the closest ally?

(comment ni yellow cab)..

goodbye and letting go..
just like

letting go and moving on..
are actually not the same when we talk about confused minds, broken hearts, withered spirits, and rejected souls..

better option?
right choice?

meron nga ba nun pag dating sa mga nabanggit na kalagayan?

i think there is,
but only through the help of time..

saying goodbye,
choosing to let go,
deciding to move on,

all these should be friends with time..
because it is only through time that

mind will start to clear
heart will start to heal
spirit will start to grow
soul will start to believe

and when we speak of hope

its both an enemy and the closest ally,

it has a big role to play
in making the options
to give way to the solutions

question is,
is the mind open?
is the heart brave enough?
is the spirit willing?
is the soul ready?

only through time..


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