Sunday, May 15, 2011


i had my three day silent retreat last 12-24 May 2011 at the Bukal ng Tipan Retreat House at Taytay, Rizal.  the place may not be that grand as compared to my favorite Mirador Retreat House in Baguio, nonetheless, the place was very inviting for quiet times with God.  

this is my favorite prayer spot during early mornings and late afternoons. the view of the city allows me to reflect on the journeys i have done in my life, and the journey that God still wants me to tread..

among the many corners in the place, this is on top of the list.. this is where i pray most of the time.. i love the greens around me.. i love the way the wind blows sweetly at the leaves of the trees..

when the sun is scourging hot, this is another prayer spot for me. its located at the second floor.. the hall has an extended balcony which is also a good spot at night where one gets to enjoy the view of the city lights appearing like fireflies..

what i love best with their dining hall is its extension towards a garden. morning breakfasts become more special because of this. the fresh air brought by the trees and plants, and the music of the birds above are special treats to start the morning with big smiles..beautiful mornings that is.. :)

it's the first among my many silent retreats where i got to share a room with two other retreatants, and its air conditioned :)  i am happy though that we managed to respect each others' space and remain in our own retreat dispositions while sharing room together.  for one thing, i got to sleep without fear of being alone.. here i slept with my Bible, journal and rosary beside me..

God surely knows how to complete my day..

smiling at my taytay moon.... 
with my batchmates from the central administration.. i am also glad to be sharing the retreat with Pilosopong Komikero (ang ilang araw niyang diet without rice, tinapatan lang ng 3 araw na retreat para kumain siya ng kanin 3x a day, may extra rice pa lagi every meal.. can't contain myself from smiling quietly every meal time..).. :)

accept the spirit of the life that you are now having.. life always holds a new promise.. -retreat2011-



  1. Thank you for the note that you gave me during the retreat. It touches my heart...-)