Sunday, May 15, 2011


here's a share of some of the fruits of my past retreat.. truly, it is in silence that you learn of the answers to certain questions of your heart.. ;)

  • even if your supervisor is not smiling at you, the Lord is smiling at you
  • sa harap ng Diyos, may punto na kailangan mong magbitiw
  • prayer moves on the current of our deepest desires
  • ask for the grace as if you are gasping for air
  • i guess i chickened out big time Lord.. not the usual me, still, i knew the decision was guided by your love
  • i recognize the void i have inside me Lord, and that i lift them into your hands
  • i am not asking for the same eyes Lord, just the eyes that says i am forgiven, and that its okay
  • i cannot make it on my own Lord, shower me the strength, the courage, and the wisdom i need
  • without the eyes of faith, it is impossible to see
  • i trusted Lord, i risked... you broke my heart again Lord.. i left my comfort zone, but i still hurt
  • how do i do it Lord? haven't i tried enough?
  • sa katahimikan mo lang mahahanap ang sarili mo
  • teach us that life is so short that we may gain wisdom of the heart, Psalm 90, 9-12
  • teach me that life is so short for me to stop loving
  • fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ
  • we become slaves to deadlines, slaves to details..ministry is beyond your work
  • leadership is not bringing ateneo to higher places, it is bring the people to care, it is genuinely caring for people
  • every decision should be about love
  • magis is not about perfetion, magis means greater love, magis may mean "will you watch a movie today?..."
  • do what you will, only belong to me, Barbara Taylor
good morning sunshine! :) it's second day.  i started the day with a morning walk. it was really great. i don't feel the work life at all.  everything just feels like a free world. everything is just plain peaceful and light to the core.

the nice thing about this place is that their dining hall has this extension which allows you to see a view of the garden.  i had my breakfast with God. i love that i see the greens in front of me.  the fresh air fave me a serene feeling and the singing of the birds kept me calm.

as i was enjoying my breakfast, a religious song which was playing at the dining area caught my attention.  listening to it was like listening to a royal waltz.  then inside my mind came a picture so alive of me and Jesus dancing waltz.  i was wearing my "golden knight fan #09 shirt and my knee-length army green shorts." i was also wearing a "white converse shoes (maybe a sign that i'll get one soon)".. Jesus on the other hand was on a "plain white shirt with knee-length army colored shorts with brown stripes".. he too was wearing a red converse shoes. we were dancing and i was telling him how handsome he looked. he told me "mas maganda ka pa sa umaga," and we both laughed out so loud while dancing.

the picture was so alive. i can see us and hear our laughter. i found myself smiling and knew my heart way having happy heartbeats. tears suddenly started to fall. happy, dancing tears. good thing i was alone in the table. how i wish i could draw the picture. hai. :(

thank you Lord for dancing with me.
its been a while since my last dance.

journal entry, 051311friday

dagling tatalima ako, ipagkaloob mo lang 
ang pag-ibig mo,
at lahat ay tatalikdan ko...

thank you Lord for everything, thy will be done Lord
thy will be done

my  closing prayer for the entire retreat, 051411 saturday

i will be okay, everythings going to be okay


  1. araw araw sa bawat desisyon at sitwasyon nag tatanong ang Diyos "Nikki, may I have this dance?" sana sa muli mong paglusong sa agos ng buhay na alipin ng oras at huwad na pangangailangan ay mas maging bukas ang iyong puso sa pagtugon sa Diyos mong hindi ka nilisan o hinusgahan...walang tamang indak, walang perpektong musika, walang ideal na dance floor...sayaw Nikki, sayaw Nikki =)

  2. napa-isip tuloy ako hindi lang tungkol sa nakaraang retreat sa mirador kundi sa pagsasayaw...hehehe. dance as a performance lang ang parati kong na-iisip, hahaha. *shake head*

  3. @wisdomTOOTH.. woh.. its so nice to see you dropping by.. guess i really miss listening to your points and sense.. haha.. lam mo na, i dont get to talk to a lot of people here.. not much people who can chat with me bout life and its idiosyncrasies.. hai..i beg to disagree though, cause when i dance with Jesus, its really perfect.. gee, he carries me most of the time... its like float-dancing.. or fly-dancing.. ehhe...

    @urbanmiss.. try it once.. picture God asking you for a dance, its really a happy feeling.. promise.. :)

  4. what a beautiful dance
    with the best dancing partner
    and the most handsome too.

    may you always be assured that Jesus is never letting go of your hands and He is always at your side as you dance and beyond.


  5. @via yang... yah, i like that.. dance and beyond.. :)