Sunday, May 1, 2011


since i got here in manila, i attend masses alone. i don't really find it a bad thing, but i admit that there are a lot of times when i also hope that my usual buddies were around. its not very customary here that people hold hands during the Lord's Prayer - they do if they know each other (but back home, people hold hands even if they are strangers to each other). that being the case, it's been my habit to lift my hands and just close my eyes during this part of the mass.

tonight's mass was different. as the keys started to play at the onset of The Lord's Prayer, i lifted my hands and closed my eyes. then suddenly, i felt a hand hold my right hand. surprised, i opened my eyes, look at the owner of the hand, and smiled back. then i closed my eyes, smiled again, and tears started to fall.

today was a great day to count. i celebrated the day with family members, friends, and kids who long for love and home. the hand that hold my hand at mass made me felt that God (never stopped)/will never stop holding my hand close to His heart.  i will be fine. all will be fine. He says so.

meantime, i can take on this flu and bring with me to dream land today's beautiful souls, genuine laughters, and many blessings..

(its ok, i love you anyway)


  1. :)
    night ate!

  2. Be love for peace. All will be fine ate:) Sana sa susunod na magsisimba din ako na mag isa may humawak na din ng kamay ko. God touches my heart during my 1st time going solo attending mass. He may not touched my hand, but listening to what He says during the mass touches my heart and soul:)♥ hugs for ate:)

  3. wish I was there to hold your hand. I go to mass alone these days...I think I will continue doing so for now. hay....

  4. hay, this post is moving :))

    i'm so happy that you're reminded every once in a while of a HAND that'll hold us no matter what, keep the heart burning with love :)) i miss you ate :)

  5. isipin mo na lang kamay namin ang hawak mo kapag walang humahawak sa kamay mo during Ama Namin. Text me if you'll attend mass, papadala ko sa hangin kamay ko (of course, not literally. hahaha)

  6. kasama ba si friend na FRED sa lakad nyo?

  7. kasama ba si friend na FRED sa lakad nyo? - HAHA! :)

    i hope to see you soon, Ate. Kahit alam kong ayaw mo akong makita. HEHE. :)

    Happy Birthday! (Iggreet na kita. Baka makalimutan ko pa).

  8. @brent tzu.. yah.. the feeling i had was really amazing.. it was like BOOM! Yah, a heart that is burning, yun naman ang alas ko.. missing you too.. and praying for you always.. :)

    @shexplanation.. thank you.. madalas ko naman tinetxt si baleigh pag mag simba na ako.. pag tinext kita, baka kayo nyan ang magsama.. di mag isa pa rin ako.. :)

    sinong Fred ba yan? nasa adnu si Fred di ba?

    thanks for remembering.. i have read some of your blogs btw.. enjoy writing.. :)