Wednesday, May 18, 2011


our housemate celebrated her birthday and brought home a lot of food...pansit palabok, pork bbq, lumpia shanghai, pichi-pichi, softdrinks and ice cream.  i got really excited when i learned that good food awaits me at home.  every bite was a taste of heaven. :)

one thing that made me excited was also the thought that there will be plenty of left overs.  since there were no other visitors, it only meant more available food.  when everyone else was done eating, i excitedly asked her if i can have the left overs to give to the old people i often see on the streets whenever i go home.  she happily agreed to it.  not waiting any longer, my sister helped me prepare the food we can share with the people on the streets.

it was really fun doing makes my heartbeat healthier.. and again, it's one way of filling up the void within.. :)

(its okay, i love you anyway) :)

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