Sunday, May 8, 2011


mama with her Christmas gift to milo
she isn't the richest and most popular woman i know.  but she's got a very big heart and a wonderful soul. she isn't ms. universe, but she is ms. everything.  she isn't perfect, but she is and will always be the best mother to us (her family).

to the woman i will always look up to, happy mother's day mama. God knows how thankful i am for everyday that He gives me, because each day is a chance to show you that i am more than blessed to have you as my mother. if i love you to the moon and back, i know you love me to the moon and back, and back, and back.  

(pacman won over mosley)


  1. happy mother's day kay tita! :D

  2. thanks mariajuana.. to tita as well..:)

  3. happy mother's day sa kanya mya :))