Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i mentioned in my birthday blog-entry that i will be writing a separate entry for my pre-birthday celebration.  it's been 9 months since i got here in the metro. i would be lying if i say that i have completely adjusted to the kind of life i have here now.  i would also be lying triple time if i say that i am superbly happy being in my bagong langit now. because truth is, i am still adjusting, and i still recognize with my whole heart the certain emptiness i still have inside me.

ocular inspection with toni & necu
but don't get me wrong. in full recognition of that adjustment and emptiness, i also want to say that i am truly thankful to the many people who have my back on the decision i made to be here. i am also more than thankful to all those who continuously wish for my happiness here. above all, i will be ever thankful to God for this chance of knowing myself more, and deepening my relationship with Him because of the loss experienced and the chance to start again.

in celebration of that gratitude, i thought of doing something for others. since i have always loved kids, i thought that what better way to spend birthday than to be with them. since it is not my first time to celebrate my birthday with abandoned children, i thought that doing it again is a great idea. besides, they say that the best way to cure a lonely heart, is to share your blessings to others.

i decided to hold the celebration in virlanie foundation.  it is a non-government-organization that caters to children who are abandoned, neglected, or abused.  they have several homes here in metro manila. they have toddler homes as well.

i initially thought that i would not be able to hold the celebration. i know that my pocket doesn't hold much. but then i knew that i am surrounded by people who have generous hearts. PK told me several times na ang kapal ng mukha ko kasi wala akong hiya manghingi donation.  i on the other hand did not have any fear of asking. besides, i knew the proceeds would benefit children. :)
my divisoria buddies

to make the story short, i invited people to join me in the party with the condition that should they decide to join, they are required to give something. it wasn't too much to ask right? after all, the party isn't for me.. :) below are some of the snapshots taken during the preparation and the party proper. thank you to all those who have helped in making this celebration possible.

each kid received a school bag with 2 notebooks, pad paper, pencil case, pencil, ballpen, and colored pen. boys' bag designs included spiderman, ben ten and spongebob, while the girls had dora, hello kitty, and disney princesses. 

party proper.. where's the sun trio.. game time with the kids.

they were asked to sing the birthday song with mallows in their mouth. each group was composed of virlanie kids and big bros/sis..

paper dance time. its amazing that even the big bros/sis were very comepetetive.

bonding sessions followed.

program committee.. my nursing pips back home..

cluster head toni with food com and reg com (new found friends)

with cluster head and documentation head necu

with my sisters lynette & honey (with arn) too bad ajoy isn't around :(

pc b14 nyem and win-win (and our friend dennis) (thanks for the drinks and the goody bags)

with tita joan (houseparent to the kids).. we closed the day with the surprise gift we prepared for the kids. the feeling of seeing them so happy with the few things we have prepared for them is truly a blessing and a fuel to my soul.  more than what we have prepared for the kids, the happiness and time spent with them is irreplaceable.
they say that they are abandoned, neglected, and some abused, but to me they were angels who allowed us to celebrate one beautiful sunday.  the kids were happy to see us and were ecstatic with the simple gifts prepared for them, but to me, they were special gifts wrapped in precious silk and silver.  as i thank God for another year, i bring with me to heart the echoes of their laughter to remind me that a life lived well is a life lived through sharing time and happiness.
happy 32nd birthday MYAngligaw. :)

(started tuesday, ended wednesday)


  1. weeeee.wanna join you guys next time!sobrang SAYA tingnan.Ü

  2. wow! nice way to celebrate! =D

  3. ang saya-saya ko habang binabasa 'to. and I'm also glad that necu never failed to capture these happy moments! happy 32nd day ate! >:D<

    pinaka-favorite photo ko yung pinakahuli. nakangiti pa rin ako hanggang ngayon :DDDDDD

  4. masaya akong makita ng pictures na ito (sa email, salamat sa pagpadala)...
    happier because I know this kind of activity really makes you happy.
    happy birthday!