Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Smiling Eyes visited last night to drop off the copy of the pictures during my pre-birthday celebration.  after downloading the pictures, i thought of forwarding copies of it to friends back home. not that they are so interested of the things i do, but i just had the thought that sharing the happiness brought by the party isn't a bad idea at all. 

i was surprised that today i received a number of replies from those people i shared the pictures with. one email though brought me to tears while i was reading through the lines.. it is with much joy to read notes from people who knows you beyond what's usually usually seen about you.. the lines gave me mixed emotions.. but more than anything else, it made me miss home very much.. 
day 301/365 : getting rid of a wisdom tooth by all_ophelia

without permission, i am posting below the email of a friend who have always been a source of wisdom to me.. someone who respects my decisions beyond my stubbornness.. and someone who can give out a big laugh (and yet find it amusing) because of my low-gets-moments..  

let this be my way of thanking you back for the friendship and love.. 



My heart is filled with joy as i was looking at your pictures,
aside from the joy that the kids are exuding, i am more happy 
that you are still able to find time and do your heart's most
desired activity, outreach, hehehehe...

Despite the distance and silence in communication, i still
remain in my prayers and support for your life journey
in a place that is no longer new, with new found friends, 
and where God continues to make His presence known 
in accordance to your heart's desire and His...

I am myself surprised by how much happiness filled 
my heart seeing your pictures, I guess I miss you much
and your little idiosyncrasy and fragility...but most 
of all i am happy that you have found joy in the risk you've taken,
all in the Lord's time and providence.

Always here..(so formal ang name sa baba, hahahahah!)

K. Egz



  1. hai :)) how nice naman :))
    true friend is, true friend does.

  2. @brent tzu.. yah.. more than blessed here.. :)