Sunday, May 29, 2011


i guess the month of may is really my month.. you know the feeling when you are given the chance to be with people who really matters to you? well, i guess this month gave me that feeling.. the feeling that time is working with you as you count days.. the feeling that time is making its way to unite you with your treasures.. i really am blessed with so much life that it doesn't matter how long or short it may be.. one just knows one is blessed because of the people who are present in one's life.. know then that near or far (hindi ko man kayo nakikita), my heart smiles with all of you..

celebrating my birthday with my dear kids back home.. twas really so nice to see you... kahit kulang, okay lang.. 

time with nyem and win.. friends are really like wine huh.. goofing around just like the old times :)

@PG13.. if there'd be a next time, we'll make sure we'll sing with the band ok?

 it's been a while since i last celebrated my birthday with my lovely sisters.. i thank God for this, really.. :)

happily running and conquering a different road with you.. eat, pray, love, run, and love some more.. :)

playing with lil jm.. thank you for being a sweet baby girl to my family.. i miss you already..

this i am really more than thankful.. resting on the streets because papa needed to take some rest from a long walk.. thanking God for bringing you here (even of a short while)...

celebrating life because of new friends..

a piece of home..

another BIG piece of home.. even a not-so-good movie can be fun because of you... :)

another month is about to end.. good news, bad news, who knows....

(big sigh).. thing is, they say everything happens for a reason.. God has everything all sorted out in our lives.. so, whether it's going to be short or not, i guess what is important is that you learned to love and learned what love is.. hope on the other hand, is just around the corner... then again, i can still manage a smile...