Sunday, May 29, 2011


i guess the month of may is really my month.. you know the feeling when you are given the chance to be with people who really matters to you? well, i guess this month gave me that feeling.. the feeling that time is working with you as you count days.. the feeling that time is making its way to unite you with your treasures.. i really am blessed with so much life that it doesn't matter how long or short it may be.. one just knows one is blessed because of the people who are present in one's life.. know then that near or far (hindi ko man kayo nakikita), my heart smiles with all of you..

celebrating my birthday with my dear kids back home.. twas really so nice to see you... kahit kulang, okay lang.. 

time with nyem and win.. friends are really like wine huh.. goofing around just like the old times :)

@PG13.. if there'd be a next time, we'll make sure we'll sing with the band ok?

 it's been a while since i last celebrated my birthday with my lovely sisters.. i thank God for this, really.. :)

happily running and conquering a different road with you.. eat, pray, love, run, and love some more.. :)

playing with lil jm.. thank you for being a sweet baby girl to my family.. i miss you already..

this i am really more than thankful.. resting on the streets because papa needed to take some rest from a long walk.. thanking God for bringing you here (even of a short while)...

celebrating life because of new friends..

a piece of home..

another BIG piece of home.. even a not-so-good movie can be fun because of you... :)

another month is about to end.. good news, bad news, who knows....

(big sigh).. thing is, they say everything happens for a reason.. God has everything all sorted out in our lives.. so, whether it's going to be short or not, i guess what is important is that you learned to love and learned what love is.. hope on the other hand, is just around the corner... then again, i can still manage a smile...

Monday, May 23, 2011


Brooks is a brand known for its running shoes and apparel.  last sunday, may 22, 2011, a ran sponsored by brooks took place at the bonifacio global city, taguig. it was themed Run Happy. part of the proceeds will go to the my shelter foundation.  

the theme itself was more than enough for me to choose to run this race.  i didn't have any desire to set a new time record (i thought this will be my longest run, second to the longest with chip time of 40:26).  i just wanted to run happy, as the theme suggested.  what's also unique about the race is the opportunity given to runners to make use of a shout out bib. very few runners took this opportunity (either they don't have anything to shout about, or they'd rather keep it to themselves, di gaya ko, ipagsisigawan pa!), but i really had fun reading the other shout outs while i'm on the road. the singlet is really super nice, very light weight and very original. all finishers were also given this smiling medal. 

every run is special for me. but what makes this run extra special is the fact that i ran with my two of my running mates back home. cherry on the top was also the presence of the Swan Princess who ran her first 5k category. its also my first race wearing my new running buddy (gee, i had quite a few slips there, guess we are still in the adjustment phase huh?).. nonetheless, we reached the finish line together.

            happy feet running
for love
life and God
-Swan Princess-

running happy
living free
loving more
-Via Yang-

i also love this shout out of another runner.. it was written by her son,
it says we love you running mom - SAM- 
(the son's name is sam, one of my favorite name in the world)..

i love this picture so much.. different colors, different brands, different reasons for running, but the same desire to be truly happy..

once again, manila moon did not miss this run with me..

the run was definitely another way of continuing my journey here.. as i thank God for yesterdays, tomorrow (as i always say) is just a bonus..

yes, i ran happy last sunday, because after all, all decisions were made out of love.. :)

view more pics at


Thursday, May 19, 2011


i cannot afford my dream shoes from nike yet so i had to find something else that may be closer to the lunarglide design.. time rejoiced with me as i was able to find the shoes that definitely made me cheer up.. 

welcome my new running buddy, fila marathon techlite, size 8, colored white and mint.. i was able to buy it at 50% off the original prize.. yippeeee! twas really a super good buy!!

i will surely miss running with my old nike shoes.. but it's okay... he will still be around.. 

when you realize that life is short, you try your hardest not to miss anything more.. :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


our housemate celebrated her birthday and brought home a lot of food...pansit palabok, pork bbq, lumpia shanghai, pichi-pichi, softdrinks and ice cream.  i got really excited when i learned that good food awaits me at home.  every bite was a taste of heaven. :)

one thing that made me excited was also the thought that there will be plenty of left overs.  since there were no other visitors, it only meant more available food.  when everyone else was done eating, i excitedly asked her if i can have the left overs to give to the old people i often see on the streets whenever i go home.  she happily agreed to it.  not waiting any longer, my sister helped me prepare the food we can share with the people on the streets.

it was really fun doing makes my heartbeat healthier.. and again, it's one way of filling up the void within.. :)

(its okay, i love you anyway) :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


here's a share of some of the fruits of my past retreat.. truly, it is in silence that you learn of the answers to certain questions of your heart.. ;)

  • even if your supervisor is not smiling at you, the Lord is smiling at you
  • sa harap ng Diyos, may punto na kailangan mong magbitiw
  • prayer moves on the current of our deepest desires
  • ask for the grace as if you are gasping for air
  • i guess i chickened out big time Lord.. not the usual me, still, i knew the decision was guided by your love
  • i recognize the void i have inside me Lord, and that i lift them into your hands
  • i am not asking for the same eyes Lord, just the eyes that says i am forgiven, and that its okay
  • i cannot make it on my own Lord, shower me the strength, the courage, and the wisdom i need
  • without the eyes of faith, it is impossible to see
  • i trusted Lord, i risked... you broke my heart again Lord.. i left my comfort zone, but i still hurt
  • how do i do it Lord? haven't i tried enough?
  • sa katahimikan mo lang mahahanap ang sarili mo
  • teach us that life is so short that we may gain wisdom of the heart, Psalm 90, 9-12
  • teach me that life is so short for me to stop loving
  • fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ
  • we become slaves to deadlines, slaves to details..ministry is beyond your work
  • leadership is not bringing ateneo to higher places, it is bring the people to care, it is genuinely caring for people
  • every decision should be about love
  • magis is not about perfetion, magis means greater love, magis may mean "will you watch a movie today?..."
  • do what you will, only belong to me, Barbara Taylor
good morning sunshine! :) it's second day.  i started the day with a morning walk. it was really great. i don't feel the work life at all.  everything just feels like a free world. everything is just plain peaceful and light to the core.

the nice thing about this place is that their dining hall has this extension which allows you to see a view of the garden.  i had my breakfast with God. i love that i see the greens in front of me.  the fresh air fave me a serene feeling and the singing of the birds kept me calm.

as i was enjoying my breakfast, a religious song which was playing at the dining area caught my attention.  listening to it was like listening to a royal waltz.  then inside my mind came a picture so alive of me and Jesus dancing waltz.  i was wearing my "golden knight fan #09 shirt and my knee-length army green shorts." i was also wearing a "white converse shoes (maybe a sign that i'll get one soon)".. Jesus on the other hand was on a "plain white shirt with knee-length army colored shorts with brown stripes".. he too was wearing a red converse shoes. we were dancing and i was telling him how handsome he looked. he told me "mas maganda ka pa sa umaga," and we both laughed out so loud while dancing.

the picture was so alive. i can see us and hear our laughter. i found myself smiling and knew my heart way having happy heartbeats. tears suddenly started to fall. happy, dancing tears. good thing i was alone in the table. how i wish i could draw the picture. hai. :(

thank you Lord for dancing with me.
its been a while since my last dance.

journal entry, 051311friday

dagling tatalima ako, ipagkaloob mo lang 
ang pag-ibig mo,
at lahat ay tatalikdan ko...

thank you Lord for everything, thy will be done Lord
thy will be done

my  closing prayer for the entire retreat, 051411 saturday

i will be okay, everythings going to be okay


i had my three day silent retreat last 12-24 May 2011 at the Bukal ng Tipan Retreat House at Taytay, Rizal.  the place may not be that grand as compared to my favorite Mirador Retreat House in Baguio, nonetheless, the place was very inviting for quiet times with God.  

this is my favorite prayer spot during early mornings and late afternoons. the view of the city allows me to reflect on the journeys i have done in my life, and the journey that God still wants me to tread..

among the many corners in the place, this is on top of the list.. this is where i pray most of the time.. i love the greens around me.. i love the way the wind blows sweetly at the leaves of the trees..

when the sun is scourging hot, this is another prayer spot for me. its located at the second floor.. the hall has an extended balcony which is also a good spot at night where one gets to enjoy the view of the city lights appearing like fireflies..

what i love best with their dining hall is its extension towards a garden. morning breakfasts become more special because of this. the fresh air brought by the trees and plants, and the music of the birds above are special treats to start the morning with big smiles..beautiful mornings that is.. :)

it's the first among my many silent retreats where i got to share a room with two other retreatants, and its air conditioned :)  i am happy though that we managed to respect each others' space and remain in our own retreat dispositions while sharing room together.  for one thing, i got to sleep without fear of being alone.. here i slept with my Bible, journal and rosary beside me..

God surely knows how to complete my day..

smiling at my taytay moon.... 
with my batchmates from the central administration.. i am also glad to be sharing the retreat with Pilosopong Komikero (ang ilang araw niyang diet without rice, tinapatan lang ng 3 araw na retreat para kumain siya ng kanin 3x a day, may extra rice pa lagi every meal.. can't contain myself from smiling quietly every meal time..).. :)

accept the spirit of the life that you are now having.. life always holds a new promise.. -retreat2011-


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i mentioned in my birthday blog-entry that i will be writing a separate entry for my pre-birthday celebration.  it's been 9 months since i got here in the metro. i would be lying if i say that i have completely adjusted to the kind of life i have here now.  i would also be lying triple time if i say that i am superbly happy being in my bagong langit now. because truth is, i am still adjusting, and i still recognize with my whole heart the certain emptiness i still have inside me.

ocular inspection with toni & necu
but don't get me wrong. in full recognition of that adjustment and emptiness, i also want to say that i am truly thankful to the many people who have my back on the decision i made to be here. i am also more than thankful to all those who continuously wish for my happiness here. above all, i will be ever thankful to God for this chance of knowing myself more, and deepening my relationship with Him because of the loss experienced and the chance to start again.

in celebration of that gratitude, i thought of doing something for others. since i have always loved kids, i thought that what better way to spend birthday than to be with them. since it is not my first time to celebrate my birthday with abandoned children, i thought that doing it again is a great idea. besides, they say that the best way to cure a lonely heart, is to share your blessings to others.

i decided to hold the celebration in virlanie foundation.  it is a non-government-organization that caters to children who are abandoned, neglected, or abused.  they have several homes here in metro manila. they have toddler homes as well.

i initially thought that i would not be able to hold the celebration. i know that my pocket doesn't hold much. but then i knew that i am surrounded by people who have generous hearts. PK told me several times na ang kapal ng mukha ko kasi wala akong hiya manghingi donation.  i on the other hand did not have any fear of asking. besides, i knew the proceeds would benefit children. :)
my divisoria buddies

to make the story short, i invited people to join me in the party with the condition that should they decide to join, they are required to give something. it wasn't too much to ask right? after all, the party isn't for me.. :) below are some of the snapshots taken during the preparation and the party proper. thank you to all those who have helped in making this celebration possible.

each kid received a school bag with 2 notebooks, pad paper, pencil case, pencil, ballpen, and colored pen. boys' bag designs included spiderman, ben ten and spongebob, while the girls had dora, hello kitty, and disney princesses. 

party proper.. where's the sun trio.. game time with the kids.

they were asked to sing the birthday song with mallows in their mouth. each group was composed of virlanie kids and big bros/sis..

paper dance time. its amazing that even the big bros/sis were very comepetetive.

bonding sessions followed.

program committee.. my nursing pips back home..

cluster head toni with food com and reg com (new found friends)

with cluster head and documentation head necu

with my sisters lynette & honey (with arn) too bad ajoy isn't around :(

pc b14 nyem and win-win (and our friend dennis) (thanks for the drinks and the goody bags)

with tita joan (houseparent to the kids).. we closed the day with the surprise gift we prepared for the kids. the feeling of seeing them so happy with the few things we have prepared for them is truly a blessing and a fuel to my soul.  more than what we have prepared for the kids, the happiness and time spent with them is irreplaceable.
they say that they are abandoned, neglected, and some abused, but to me they were angels who allowed us to celebrate one beautiful sunday.  the kids were happy to see us and were ecstatic with the simple gifts prepared for them, but to me, they were special gifts wrapped in precious silk and silver.  as i thank God for another year, i bring with me to heart the echoes of their laughter to remind me that a life lived well is a life lived through sharing time and happiness.
happy 32nd birthday MYAngligaw. :)

(started tuesday, ended wednesday)