Sunday, July 10, 2011


here are some of the highlights of my ignatian spirituality in education workshop..

magandang patubuin na lang dahil iyon ang pinili (sr. reylinda de guzman, rc)

ang mga desisyon natin ang humuhubog sa ating pagkatao. hwag lang hanapin ang Diyos sa lahat ng bagay, bagkus, hanapin ang kalooban ng Diyos sa bawat sitwasyon. (fr. marco louis catalan, sj)

pamplona was ignatius' grace of woundedness (fr. jose quilongquilong, sj)

sanayan lang ang pagmamahal. you cannot build what you do not love, you cannot love what you do not own. (bro tonton, sj)

making a GREEN economy to avoid a RED future - a BLUE initiative. 3 Cs (country, creation, Christ)
(fr. jet villarin, sj)

with team pamplona.. composed of pips from rizal library, admin services, biology, and school of governance.  we scored the highest in this test (still having a hang over from the night socials) :)

some new friends from the community (woh.. doti and i felt we "from hr" need to strengthen linkages - this can be helpful in the future huh! :) ) boys from the grade school were surprised that we also knew how to have fun; ladies from high school and loyola schools were counting the number of times we had our glasses refilled; and pips from the graduate school of business surely were so much fun to be with.

this is the coolest workshop socials ever. jesuit scholastics (bro neil and bro jason) came to join us and served as our bartenders. wooahh! they did really well with the drinks, like professional-cute-bartenders. i had 4 glasses of bay breeze (vodka based drink) and a shot of tequila (as a response to the crowd's request), dotie had tequilla sunrise. i wanted to try sex on the beach, but i was advised to stick to one type of drink only (ok fine). i probably would have crawled up to my bedroom if i went for a 5th round. :) twas a great night. really.

i could not end the workshop without this photo opportunity. i started reading about him even before his installation as university president. i also admire his advocacy with regard to the environment. he did not use any power-point presentation during his talk (now that is something!).   


i had plans of leaving this place last june, but i told myself i will wait for ISEW and think about it again. now that this workshop is over, i am asking myself so what now? truth is, one thing is clear to me.. i can't work anywhere else but ateneo ("for God and you" ---- "it's the school you choose").



  1. The sparrow spread its wings,
    took the free fall in the unknown void
    to a place so strange,
    uncertain in the gravity of friendlessness,
    holding on to God and His promises
    so endless...

    Alas, the Lord is good and just...
    the sparrow has taken flight...
    singing to high heavens with hopeful
    eyes to the horizon...

    Meanwhile...the good Lord beckons...

  2. @wisdomtooth.. wow naman... surprised to see you here again.. fan pala kita.. hee.. yes,yes, listen, listen, listen..hmm.. i still am stubborn a lot of times... :)

    pero kuya, cool tlaga yung socials.. ahaha.. :)

  3. Just had the colloquium here. it reminded me of all the reasons why I wanted to stay and working here...for the meantime. but I must admit it gets tougher and tougher every time. haay...

    hold on for the moment! ;)

  4. @urbanmiss.. and it will get tougher in the days to come.. youll get over it.. basta masaya ka, balewala yan.. :)

    i am. :)