Friday, July 1, 2011


beyond the sunset
no clouds will gather
no storms will threaten
no fears annoy
oh day of gladness
oh day unending
beyond the sunset
forever more

i heard this song this afternoon during a funeral service.  a pastor also shared words on death and dying. it was expected that the words came out like assurances that death is something that should not be feared, rather should be something to be grateful because it only means being one with the maker of souls..

he threw a question to the crowd regarding their readiness to join God.. i heard people saying no while i gave out a yes answer.. as the pastor continued with the service, i found my mind wondering (and wandering) in the spacious green lawn of the park and more than a dozen pipits on it.. up above were also the blue skies and white puffy clouds.. i glanced at the members of the family crying.. and my mind went to soar in blankness again..

suddenly, everything was just like zero..

wala lang.. its t.g.i.f after all..



  1. Ako din Yes! nothing to fear.. Siguro merong fear kasi di pa nila nagagawa yung dapat nila gawin.. I always Pray to Him if ever kukunin nya na ako handa na ako.. pero may takot pa din kahit panu kasi you'll be leaving the people you love and who love's you most.. awwww Kaya live life to the fullest and give your best shot na! hehe Gawin ang purpose kung bakit ka Niya nilikha:) may natutunan na naman ako from you... muah

  2. It's a big contradiction to myself. I strongly fear death. Life is so precious and why is it that God gave us this life for just one spark. Yeah we'll go back to HIM after death. Do you believe in Eternal Life once you've surrendered life to HIM? I'm waiting for someone to get back here in this world just to prove it. Lastly, I'm pretty sure everyone fears death. Others just don't admit it themselves.

  3. n wa@mistersilent..

    wow.. haba ng comment ah.. i'd disagree with that.. not everyone fears death.. i believe there are really people who are not scared to die.. its not that they dont want to admit the fear, i guess they really are just prepared and (maybe) at peace with the thought that they would be going to a better place..

    hwag ka na kumontra.. anniversary ng blog ko ngayon.. give this day to me.. haha..!!!

  4. hahaha..happy blog anniversary to you!...Sige hindi na ako kokontra..ikaw na the best ka..hehehe..-)