Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Emman Monfort by Jed and Cora Yusecoi don't have much to say, but seeing him today really made my day..
he's not the 'supercute-uaap-player' but i love watching him play..
oh my, my heart is smiling wide..
if there's one thing i always look forward every week, it's definitely the uaap saturday game..
i may have a short list of reasons to pull myself up in the morning,
but the thought of seeing him play makes me really excited..

i don't know.. he just look like this little kid who just want to play basketball..
hai.. thank you heaven..

071911 tuesday (oh, its tiusday).. :)


  1. yes...thank you indeed for cute if not handsome men who make us smile... =D

    basta ako, tiu-natic forever! hihihi! =)))

  2. @urbanmiss.. ah, number one pa din si "myTIUSDAY" sa akin.. hehe.. :) pero talagang natutuwa ako pag nakikita ko si MONFORT.. hehe.. :)