Monday, December 27, 2010

thats how i spent the last quarter of the year sa bagong langit ko. since na miss kong sobra ang luto ni mama, at pati na mga paborito kong pagkain dito sa bicol, i also find time to discover my new favorites.. heres my top 5 favorite foods na hinahanap hanap ko din, either because of a day to celebrate, or a not-at-all-good day i had..

lumpia shanghai with rice from chopsticks house.  ang recent top favorite kong kainin at kainan sa metro.  its your typical chinese restaurant.  what i really like best here is that it reminds me so much of home, of oyster villa.. songs played are often times of the late 80s and of the 90s.. dito ako kumakain kapag nalulungkot ako.. or kapag naging masaya din ang araw ko.. pagkatapos kong kumain dito, i would usually spend time sa fully booked and find good reads (pero hindi ko naman binibili.. dagdag lang sa lista ko ng hahanaping libro kapag may sale..).. by the way, i realized the name of the restaurant only on my 5th time to eat there.. damn.. :)

binalot sa dahons tinapasilog. its your usual sinangag with fried garlic bits,with three pieces of tinapa and sunny side up egg (i always request the cook to have the egg in malasado style)..  the place is quite similar to nagas tribo grill. since i miss home cooking a lot, hinahanap hanap ko ang tinapa every now and then.. but mostly, gusto kong kumain dito after a marathon, or just an ordinary run, or a good swim.. ate, extra rice please.. 

nasilemaks boneless chicken.. its singaporean cooking. rice is cooked in coconut juice which gives it a bit of a sweet taste.  chicken is served with sunny side up egg and sidedish of anchovies, cucumber, peanuts and chili paste to match the sweet taste of rice.  so far, ito ang pinaka mura sa lahat na usual kong kinakain.. :) aside from the cheap price, i love the way they pronounce the word nasilemak everytime they call out for customers.. simple joys..

grilled chicken with sweet chili sauce and mashed potato and a cup of bacon rice made available at world chicken restaurant.  boneless grilled chicken is their main menu.  side dish may be pasta, mashed potato, rice, fried bananas, or is best to eat here kapag sobrang gutom talaga ako at kapag may kasama.. that way, i can have my friend order a different side dish or have a different sauce sa chicken niya para pwede akong humingi... a perfect place for chicken lovers!!  right chubs?

peking gardens peking duck roll.. actually, once pa lang naman ako nakakain nito.. its courtesy of an office dinner out activity.. syempre, dahil sosi ang mga kasama ko, sosi din ang pinuntahan namin.. the waiter comes in with a whole peking duck and cuts it into thin strips.. after serving the duck strips and the other ingredients, youll have to prepare the roll na kakainin mo.. on your pita wrap, spread the sauce ad put in the duck, cucumber, and spring onion.. wrap it up and its ready to eat.. hayy.. sobrang sarap niya talaga.. kelan kaya ako makakabalik doon.. haay... sarap...

so, thats it for now.. in place of home cooking and nagas best, i can settle for these..
yun nga lang, i wonder how it would be kung kasama ko rin sila kapag kinakain ko itong mga bagong paborito ko..

yah, maybe next time..


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