Saturday, December 4, 2010


when i speak of shangrila, it only means three things..
the usual dinner
free movies
and more free shows (and if you're lucky, free sweets after the show)...

Berdeng Ibon and i came for a free christmas show.. we were lucky to enjoy and savor the music of the manila symphonic orchestra foundation.. hayy.. the music were really enchanting.. the repertoire of christmas songs, broadway, and classical music used in ballets and disney films brought me to close my eyes, smile, and be in cloud nine..

i found my body swaying with the beat of every broadway song.. my heart waltzed as the classic disney music were played, allowing me to be in trance as i imagine princes' and princesses dancing gracefully hand in hand.. my spirit was awaken as they played white christmas and christmas song.. really a beautiful feeling.. like a warm embrace to the very core of the soul..

i'm dreaming of a white christmas
just like the ones i used to know
where the treetops glisten, 
and children listen
to hear sleigh bell in the snow..
 christmas is really coming, and it also means counting days para umuwi..

speaking of home, Bolang de Kanto, Dancing Shoes and some other familiar faces left earlier for bicol..  the past two weeks have been full of surprises.. but most of all, it gave me the feeling of being closer to my old heaven..
and oh  yes,
just to add naughty smiles to hearbeat and simplixiety..
jam is here too..

i can still hear the music right now, and it says "and so i'm offering this simple phrase, to kids from one to ninety-two, although its been said many times, many ways, a very merry christmas to you..."


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