Thursday, December 23, 2010


inaayos ko kanina yung mga gamit ko na dadalhin pag uwi ko bukas.  then i came across the scrap book containing messages during the "send off".. nakita ko yung cd na galing kay Munting Tinig.. i remembered not playing it before kasi alam kong malulungkot lang ako at masasaktan..

surprisingly, i took it out sa plastic and set it up sa laptop for  viewing.. i was actually having second thoughts of taking a peek of what's inside, pero tinuloy tuloy ko na lang..  i only chose the videos and pictures
na sa tingin ko kaya kong panoorin.. although i must say, there were videos i still watched kahit nakakalungkot panoorin.. mula "bagong buwan, love rendezvous, orsem, sv orientation, Tinig's prisaa competition and some other funny stuff" i watched it with mixed emotions..

God, it's sure nice to see those faces again.. i can also hear the echoes of laughters.. of corny jokes and even non-sense chats.. even memories of seeing them fall in love and moving on.. :) (love you boss and balei)

it was like going back to hundred acre woods and reliving the memories of pooh corner.. damn, i am being melancholic again.. and i kinda hate it.. still, i am not denying the truth that i did smile seeing the gang again.. really.. 

i am going home.. and i am having heavy sighs everytime i think that i'll be staying for a few days.. i even thought of just staying home and just lock myself up to watch cable all day long (after all, i miss watching csi, hbo, and star movies).. i am not even sure if i am ready to meet up with people (though i also want to see them and give them a hug).. and yes, i would also want to see the RuSsian river and greet him a happy christmas..(big sigh)..

bahala na...

i am going home (and who knows..) i may not leave home anymore.. : )

"may the moon remind you how much you are loved,
that even if we're miles apart, malaman mo sanang
 somewhere out there, 
someone's looking at the very moon you adore..
and somewhere out there,
someone who loves you adores that very moon.." 



  1. Read your blog without being teary eyed for the first time in two months. I hope you’ll not leave home anymore. Hehe. And I hope that you’re ready to see us para di ka na malulungkot, para lagi ka nang happy.

    Merry Christmas, Darling. Sana makita kita to greet and give you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS HUUUUUG! I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU! :)

  2. @meCODE: good luck saan?

    you get teary eyed? bakit? not leave home? maybe.. decisions will be made at the end of the year.. see you? eh hindi ko naman alam kung sino ka.. e pano kung kayo naman ang nagpapalungkot sa akin? di dapat di ko kayo makita?..

    darling? no one calls me by that.. nabati mo na akong merry christmas at nag bigay ka na din hug.. (di kailangan makita mo ako)..

    haha.. happy christmas din sayo.. :)

  3. Smiles. Whenever and wherever you are happy.

  4. Merry Christmas, Darling --kanta yan.

  5. Di ka rin pipilitin na magkita tayo. Para di ka malungkot. :)

  6. @anonymous.. oo, gawin mo na lang yung request ko.. hehe.. looking forward to it..:)

  7. bakit ngaun ko lang to nakita :'(


  8. @brenttzu..

    haha.. na skip mo malamang..