Saturday, December 11, 2010


WisdomTooth: nareceive mo text ko?
Mya: hindi, bakit..

WisdomTooth:  HR Opening
                         P15k starting
                         Supervisory level
                         80 pax lang
                         You will set up the HR System and document the procedures
                          Local pero Manila rate starting
                          Salary to increase after 3 mos
                          Near support group
                          Low cost of living
                          May cura personalis na workgroup and most importantly
                          Rayaon kami

Mya: when do you need the answer?

WisdomTooth: can you give it now?
Mya: no i can't..

what is this? (i thought).. more than anything else, the later parts of the information were the best offers for the job post.. (i thought again).. am i ready to go home?
i texted Pilyong Querubin about it.. and he said, "whatever will make you happy.. "

Damn! bakit may mga ganitong roadsigns?



  1. prolly, the game has changed. people can make random road signs and you just have to play with it.

  2. @rexstatic..

    and what did you mean when you said "you just have to play with it?"...