Sunday, December 12, 2010


i was talking to an old friend when he asked me what songs i have in my ipod.. i mentioned to him a few and he said that it badly needs an overhaul.. bagongLANGIT also means playing new songs.. so he set a date for the overhaul thing..

he connected the ipod to his laptop.. and laughed a bit when he saw that some songs had its frequency count on how many times it was played... he laughed even more when he came across the different song titles.. damn.. now he's having a bigger peek of my world.. haha..

all songs highlighted and then the delete button was tapped.. a big sigh came out.. haay.. the songs i'm holding on to were now deleted.. (another bigsigh).. anyway, i still managed to project a smile.. :)

then we, (together with another friend) decided to go for a walk.. we found a place where we can sit and enjoy the very few stars above us.. there was also the smell of cold december night breeze with the aroma of hot chocolate in the nearby house.. we shared stories and visited memory lane.. then came a group of young boys with their guitars.. they started to play with the strings and in a few minutes, i heard a very familiar song...  

does the pain weigh out of the pride, 
and you look for a place to hide,
did someone break your heart inside, you're in ruins.. 
one, twenty one guns, lay down your arms, give up the fight..
i looked up and thank God for the stars (kahit mabibilang lang sila..).. and held tightly with my two hands my eclipse necklace.. i closed my eyes and smiled.. my heart did too.. God, you really continue to surprise me.. : )

i still do not know the new playlists, 
but i know i'll learn to love it as well (maybe, hehe)..
i guess listening to a new bunch of music will also prepare me for the new year that's ahead of me 
(maybe again..)..

i can only hope..
(big sigh)..


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