Friday, December 31, 2010


God is always true to His promise that whatever He started in you, He will take it to completion because He perfectly loves you.. Nothing is hard if the heart has love; nothing is impossible when the heart understands; and nothing is heavy when God is in your heart.. -forwarded text-

Mya: so flightless bird, whats your new years resolution?
Flightless Bird: thats easy, for 2011, i will continue to choose him in a heartbeat.. as always.. will always..
Mya: toinks.. whats new about that?
Flightless Bird: thats the point, 2011 is just a number.. aside from that, things will remain the same.. my heart will remain the same..
Mya: youre crazy...
Flightless Bird: im not, im just loving.. (haha.. yah, maybe i am crazy)..
Mya: bahala ka nga..
Flightless Bird: dont worry, ill be fine.. its a choice i made.. its a promise i vowed.. : )

you asked me if there was a time
that i have grown tired of you
never my love
never my love



  1. choices were made. Hopes are yet to be discovered as the year unfolded. Flightless bird is crazily fantastic with his/her decision.

  2. flightless bird is i guess beyond crazy and fantastic.. although, sometimes i get inspired by the courage.. im crossing my fingers for this crazy bird as well..