Monday, May 23, 2011


Brooks is a brand known for its running shoes and apparel.  last sunday, may 22, 2011, a ran sponsored by brooks took place at the bonifacio global city, taguig. it was themed Run Happy. part of the proceeds will go to the my shelter foundation.  

the theme itself was more than enough for me to choose to run this race.  i didn't have any desire to set a new time record (i thought this will be my longest run, second to the longest with chip time of 40:26).  i just wanted to run happy, as the theme suggested.  what's also unique about the race is the opportunity given to runners to make use of a shout out bib. very few runners took this opportunity (either they don't have anything to shout about, or they'd rather keep it to themselves, di gaya ko, ipagsisigawan pa!), but i really had fun reading the other shout outs while i'm on the road. the singlet is really super nice, very light weight and very original. all finishers were also given this smiling medal. 

every run is special for me. but what makes this run extra special is the fact that i ran with my two of my running mates back home. cherry on the top was also the presence of the Swan Princess who ran her first 5k category. its also my first race wearing my new running buddy (gee, i had quite a few slips there, guess we are still in the adjustment phase huh?).. nonetheless, we reached the finish line together.

            happy feet running
for love
life and God
-Swan Princess-

running happy
living free
loving more
-Via Yang-

i also love this shout out of another runner.. it was written by her son,
it says we love you running mom - SAM- 
(the son's name is sam, one of my favorite name in the world)..

i love this picture so much.. different colors, different brands, different reasons for running, but the same desire to be truly happy..

once again, manila moon did not miss this run with me..

the run was definitely another way of continuing my journey here.. as i thank God for yesterdays, tomorrow (as i always say) is just a bonus..

yes, i ran happy last sunday, because after all, all decisions were made out of love.. :)

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