Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i decided to have an early celebration of my birthday last sunday. i will have a separate entry about it next time. today's my birthday.. and yes, @32 i would say, there is much to celebrate.. (omg, 32 already.. )..

i am not sure but i was not really very excited about this day. i was even saying sorry to God for the attitude i was having this morning. well, i did try to be positive about the whole day. after all, truth is, there are really so many reasons to be grateful for life. there are still so many things that i can do to add happiness to others lives.

i received text greetings and best wishes even before this day started. its amazing that people remembered even with the distance. morning smiles from my sisters was a very good sight to me this morning. while i was feeling down when i woke up, they, on the other hand, were beaming with smiles and greetings for me. my parents' text messages from home didn't fail to remind me as well that they love me and include me in their prayers everyday. (now i understand why my days are being bearable, their prayers surely help a lot). Free Spirit also started the day by singing to me the birthday song. 

people at the office also gave me hugs before work took off. they also prepared lunch for my birthday. they prepared beef tenderloin and cream dori in lemon-butter sauce. my bigboss also prepared my favorite of her green salad with corn and red beans and a tomato-lemon-based dressing. for wishes of long life, she also cooked spaghetti. and for desert, she prepared a do-it-yourself-banana-split-and ice cream treat (oh well, i stopped eating ice cream for more than a year now), so the desert was for them to enjoy. :) they also had a layered cake topped with nuts from red ribbon.

at home, my sisters prepared a simple salo-salo for me and my friends.  we had the 12 inches cheese mania, extravaganza, and pepperoni feast from domino's pizza. i was also happy to see that the mocha cake they had for me had candles.

after the salo-salo, PK (he btw gave me the flowers because no one else would daw) called home.  i so got the chance to talk to people back home. they also sang songs for me. again, it was really nice listening to voices from home. this video -maligayang-kaarawan-mya- also rocked my night (even if my eyes were already hurting from a loooooong cry... 

heaven knows i am thankful for this day. for another chance to witness His creations and His love for me. i am thankful for family and friends. i am thankful for another chance of making my life meaningful through others, and making myself deserving of God's heaven. PK asked me several times about my birthday wish.. i just tell him that God already knows what's in my heart. 

i'll take this opportunity to thank all those who remembered and gave me their love and hugs (i hope i don't miss anyone here.. i won't be using codes here to let the world know..hehe)..papa, mama, lynette, honey, and ajoy. tita carly, mai-mai, and cheekay. marshee, oskie, lei, chubs, and RuSs. toni, bossing, brent, lil jan, necu, tsalve, tbitat, tjules. james, pao, sid, enzo,  renee, rafy, rexy, racy,noel, trish, and marky. thea, bro bong, kuya egs, felix, yay, jerry, and momo. winwin, dennis, and nyem. ms kate, ign, ms mila, ms kathy, ms marrise, ms vangie, ms aileen, ms jane, sir tom. dionie, wayne, uanne, dottie, norms, and gani. roxy and rhey. ms julie, ms joy, and ms sophie. high school pips na di ko kilala. jeith and blancs. apple, arn, mitch and dio. jesse, djai and darren, faith. apple, 

- - - - - - - -

magagalit ba kayo kung sabihin ko na pagsamahin ko man lahat ng pagbati, yakap, ngiti, at mga awitin na galing sa inyo ay mabigat pa rin ang kalooban ko?

magtatampo ba kayo kung sabihin ko na kulang pa rin ang araw na ito para sa akin?

masasaktan ko ba kayo kung sabihin ko na tinapos ko ang araw na ito na nagkulong sa banyo at umiyak ng mahabang oras?

finding ways to complete the day
pasensya na kung sira ang ulo ko ha. pasensya na rin kung maramot ako. hayaan ninyo, sa maniwala't kayo o hindi, pinilit ko. yun nga lang, sumasabit pa rin minsan.

pero talaga, salamat ng marami. 

(yes, its wednesday.. and i just turned 32)

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  1. 32 means officially falling off the calendar :)) sabi nila, i say yah, coz it's moving UP UP and away :)) it's like bieng in a fetal stage again, working your way to 'life begins at forty' :)) happy 32 again :)) love you much.