Saturday, May 7, 2011


i made another mistake from work, and because my boss is on a business trip, it only means prolonging my agony because i have yet to face her on monday. haist, talk about an unlucky sabado. but since it's sabado, i still thought that i deserve to enjoy it.  so at lunch, together with my officemates and PK, we went to Mang Jimmys. its a famous take out grill in the UP area.  i think the place is known for its good food and very affordable prizes.

we had to order 5 dishes to avail of the unlimited rice and another bonus dish.  we had sizzling pusit, sisig with egg, tapa mix, lechon kawali, and tbone steak. we chose to have chopseuy for our bonus dish. of course, to add happiness to our lunch, we ordered 1.5L of Coke. The entire meal cost us P560.00.  It's already a great deal for really good food. they had ice cream on the way home. i just watched them enjoy their desert.

we had to take a jeepney ride to reach the mrt station. while experiencing the manila sun, just the thought of monday is already giving me a lot of stress.
when all else fail, one smile can make my day

but then again, reaching home and seeing on my laptop screen that tiny icon smiling is more than enough to declare this day a perfectSABADO. 

see, God makes ways. :)



  1. Cute naman! Find many reasons to be happy:) love this:)..

  2. hmmm.. hope you were with us too.. :(