Thursday, June 2, 2011


remember the last time i asked you for prayers for our litte sophia (forSOPHIE)? heaven may have heard so many prayers about her that finally, she will be going home after celebrating two years of her birthday in the hospital.. she was in fact all over the news in canada, and even probably the whole of US for being the first person to be saved by the berlin heart.  

i read so many articles about her heart story and cannot contain myself from shedding tears, all because of happiness, gratefulness, and pride.  with great joy, i lift my hands to heaven because of this gift (yes, if anyone deserves a longer life, my little sophie tops the list)..with humbled gratefulness i offer my heart to heaven as well for keeping the entire family close and strong in the presence of all odds.. with great pride, i bow down to little sophie for the remarkable courage and will she showed, and for being a constant reminder to her many people who surrounded her that life remains to be the most precious gift of all..

i take this opportunity to thank friends who knew her story from the day i asked for prayers when she was first diagnosed with blood cancer.. now again, i still ask for your prayers that she really goes to full recovery and live the life every little girl so deserves..

i just realized, when some doors were closed to me, windows took a peek.. but what's more magical of all, even the entire roof opened...

read more of her heart recovery stories.. edmontonjournal/news/storygirlsheartheals.

eat. pray. love. run. and love some more...
because at the end of the day, yes, miracles do happen, just life magic... :)



  1. Awww si Papa God Talaga iba kung mang surpresa:). This is one of the miracles ate. So happy to know that she's ok, praying more for her recovery as well as she will live a very healthy and happy life. So happy after reading this teary eyed also. hugs ate:)

  2. thanks.. mas masaya ako.. yes its a miracle.. i just need one more.. :)