Monday, August 30, 2010


pb stands for powerbooks. i decided that everytime i visit powerbooks, i should bring with me a line or two from a book i came across..

so here it goes.. my first PB entry..

i realized that living my life in reverse is synonymous to living my future life..



  1. i like this. pero i think it won't apply to me.
    tipong i live in MAGIS+ eh XDD

  2. hindi naman ata meaning nun na you wont leave in MAGIS.. ilang araw ko na ito pinag iisipan eh.. twing nasa lrt ako naiisip ko yung lines na yun..

    isipin mong mabuti yung thought..
    i think parang sinasabi niya na kung mabubuhay ka in reverse, you get the chance to do the things na probably you wish youre doing.. so parang youre living na rin yung buhay mo in the future..

    gets mo?

    anyway, it was just a thought..