Sunday, August 15, 2010


wacthing hachiko for the third time..

i remembered Braveheart sharing his thoughts about the movie. Ronnie said that the movie was about loyalty. Braveheart considered it as love and waiting.

borrowing his words, waiting is hoping.. but hoping is not always waiting. hachiko waited.. its not merely hoping because waiting entails more than just hoping..

Braveheart mentioned that he too wants to be like hachiko.. that he learns to also wait and hope.. but more than that,
he also wishes to have someone who could do the same for him..

wait and hope.


1 comment:

  1. when braveheart mentioned his realizations about hachiko, napaisip din ako...

    oo nga, the movie's not just a heartfelt one.
    there's more to that.

    very deep...

    a story of love and waiting,
    ika nga ni braveheart.

    for braveheart,
    i'll wish na sana dumating na ang taong hinihintay mo. sana...