Friday, August 20, 2010


maraming nangyari sa ilang araw na nakalipas. may mga dumating at binigay na biglang binawi; may mga nandyan na pero pilit na pinapalayo; may mga kumakatok pero pinag sasarahan ng pinto; at may mga patuloy na nananatili at handang maghintay.

mahirap pa rin sa akin ang bawat araw na dumadaan.  and just when im learning to live my new life, new forms of losing come again.  hindi ko talaga maintindihan. how can life be too unfair? why do i feel that life is being mean to me?

in moments like these, i can only continue gazing at the horizon in front of me.. gaze blankly.. lost in space..
and listen to my playlist..

boats and birds. you still hurt me. rythm of the rain. problem of pain. stupid memory. lullabye.
not like the movies. streets of heaven. my hands are shaking. we feel alone. marshmallow spaceship. the man who cant be moved. sleep on needles.  so this is goodbye. i dont feel it anymore.
i love the rain the most. heartbeats. aliens and rainbows. rain. fields of gold. find my way back home. heaven needs a hero. after afterall. if you would come back home.

if only the music can bring me to a trance...

hope and faith are just like letters randomly put together into something meaningless -
 words only for fairytales.
-dave pelzer-


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