Monday, August 30, 2010


i havent visited the church for quite sometime now. i was actually having second thoughts with the invitation to attend the sunday mass again. but something in my heart was telling me to go. so i decided to join my sister in attending the 7.30 pm mass.

i was surprised that the church was filled with so many roses.  white, red, pink, yellow, and even orange roses.  they were all over the place. i felt really light and excited. and then i learned that the relics of St. Therese of the the Child Jesus visited our church, St. Francis of Asissi. there was a short catechesis regarding the life of St. Therese. we were later asked by the priest to close our eyes for a short prayer. i was teary eyed after the prayer.  then later, the commentator mentioned that there will be kissing of the relics, and everyone would be given a rose.

i felt excited upon hearing about the roses to be given to the parishioners.  i dont know why, but i knew i wanted to get one. once the mass was over, people started to line up. i was quite pissed that there were so many people ahead of me in the line.  i was so worried i wont get the rose i wanted.

when it was my turn to kiss the relics, i realized that there were so much roses available.  so many that it was more than enough for everyone.  i was given a pink rose. and i know my heart was smiling.

and then i heard a very beautiful song.. you fill my heart full of sighs, breathless they danced with the sky.. you fill my night full of stars, restless my soul seeks your eyes.. as long as you believe, roses shall rain from the skies..

i went home holding the rose so gently with my hands..
and then, rain started to fall..



  1. see, rain isn't that bad!hehehe..
    and gusto ko rin ng rose.

    good to know.
    well, i must say "okay na ulit kayo".;)

  2. okay na ba?
    not really..
    but i guess we are talking..

  3. I love roses din.

    a bouquet or roses
    would always make me feel better.

    sana umulan din ng rosas dito.
    right this very moment, sana...

  4. ah, tama na yung umulan ng roses.. di ko na kailangan ng bouquet form.. haha..