Monday, August 30, 2010


i really had a wonderful lunch. we had my favorite home-cooked kaldereta and lumpia shang-hai prepared by mama. my sister arrived from a home visit in bicol. of course, mama took the opportunity to prepare something for us here. i was craving for extra rice actually. after lunch, i could not help but think more foods i really miss.

coko cafes corned beef. its just the usual corned beef served at restos, but i guess its the company i have that makes it more special.
bakers plazas toasted siopao. there isnt any store here that sell such. its completely uniquely bicol.
biggs crispy chicken, supreme burger, and baked mashed potato. the chicken just tastes deliciously different. the pure beef that makes up the burger with its very tasteful dressing, and the smell of freshly baked mashed potato topped with crispy bacon bits.
universal bakerys mongo bread and japanese hopia. i dont know, i just really miss the taste, and right now i want to eat it.
cofee and cos tuna setti, pizza rotti, and frenchfries. they are synonimous with mussings, stories, laughter, tears. they symbolize friendship and love. of skies, moon, stars and even strawberry fields.
purple bells pad thai. i remember the pad thai. i dont want to remember the place.
cocina conchitas lechon. its the best lechon ever. beter than those of cebus.
naga gardens lumpia shanghai and eggpie. i can only sigh.

i cant write any longer. suddenly, i felt sad again.
so much about comfort food.



  1. gusto sana kita isurprise ng mga food na yan,
    kaya lang baka masira and di na makarating sa manila. hahaha

    nagutom ako bigla nung binabasa ko ang entry mo na yan. hehehe

  2. hmm.. yung mongo bread at japanese hopia lang ok na sa akin..

    sana meron.. mmm..

  3. lahat man ng bagay na di na nating nakikita pa ay mananatili sa ating alaala...
    lahat ng bagay na nagiging espesyal ay dahil sa mga kadugtong nitong alaala...

    sa bawat bagay na nagugustuhan natin... lahat to may alaala, minsan makalimutan man natin kung anong alaala yun, basta alam nating gusto natin to... gusto mo pa nun... at gusto mo paring magkaroon nun...

    mis yah...

  4. @matangmulat..

    thank you sa pasalubong...
    ako walang padala..
    next time na lang..

    miss you too..