Sunday, August 22, 2010


remember the movie Forrest Gump when he was being bullied by his friends and Jane told him to run?
.. run Forrest.. run... and so he ran..

my friend Aquaman told me before i left home that whenever i feel down, the best way to do is just run.. he said that the best way to address sudden changes, loneliness, and even pain is to do some running..

i am thinking of doing his advice..
ill run and ill keep running for my loss, my pains and solitude, and even my dreams..
ill run and ill keep running until my heart tells me that it is okay to stop running..

run Mya.. run...



  1. run.

    minsan na akong tumakbo,
    pero tumigil ako.
    because of this post,
    i might run again.

    and run...

  2. oo simplixiety..

    aside from blogging, i find peace everytime i run.. although alone pa rin when i do that, ewan ko ba, basta it somehow makes me feel good..

    it tires me physically, but i feel that my heart loosens up everytime i finish a round..

    sometimes i wish that i sweat off whatever sadness or pain i have inside me.. sana ganun na lang.. para sa bawat round na matapos ko, nababawasan talaga.. hehe.. haay...

    have you ever listened to your heartbeat after a long run? iba ang tunog nito, para ka ring nawawalan ng hangin.. but its a good sound for me.. and catching air makes me feel that i still want to live given the circumstances..

    i hope one day, i get to run with you too..