Thursday, August 19, 2010


i'm fighting back the tears as he fights for his life.
well, it must be kind of crowded,
on the streets of heaven.
so tell me: what do you need him for?
don't you know one day he'll be your little boy forever.
but right now i need him so much more.
Lord, don't you know he's my angel
you got plenty of your own
lord, i know once you've made up your mind,
there's no use in beggin'.
so if you take him with you today, will you make sure he looks both ways,
and would you hold his hand when he crosses the streets of heaven.
the streets of heaven.

-a mothers song/a mothers cry-


  1. bakit parang hindi sya mother's cry?
    iba pumasok sa utak ko XD

  2. the original song was i think for a girl who was sick and later died...

    been listening to it and i felt that its also a voice of a mother losing her light.. :(