Sunday, May 6, 2012


 i just turned 33. oh boy! another year older. :)

my age was never an issue for me. although a lot of people love to joke about my age, it never goes down to my nerves.  probably because age is just a number for me.  and so, turning 33 still merits a celebration!

it was a real deal when i first received my first text of the day.  haha.. God surely knows how to make someone truly happy. day at the office was a mixture of lovely greetings and cute gifts. i received a mc donalds muffin with cheese and a greeting card from my officemate's children (isyan, mine, and brian). papa bear also gave me my favorite belgian waffles (yummy!)..  but what was hilarious was receiving this ube hopia from an officemate.  he did not know that the color is like my kryptonite. i took the gift anyway, but told him i am not going to eat it.  we had a big laugh at it. :)

my sisters (and their boyfriends) and our housemates prepared something for me as well. i was like this little kid whose eyes got too excited upon seeing big-multicolored-balloons on the floor.  bhem prepared desert for all of us.  it was really so sweet of her to do that.   

i also received these cute greeting cards from dyllan and dynelle.  they're really so cute.  they also showed me their singing and dancing skills to make me happy during the salo-salo.  my sisters also had fun watching them.  it was truly a blast.  their energy was contagious. 

the day's celebration was simple but it was more than enough.  how i wished my papa and mama is here with us for the celebration, but just hearing their voices make me feel they're also around.  greetings from friends at home was a gem too. i must though admit that i still cried after realizing i miss someone so bad.  

at the end of the day, i slept feeling blessed with so much. i am with people who supports and love me; i love what i am doing at work; my boss is sending me to school which is really exciting; i am improving on my swimming skills; and my sisters have really good boyfriends.  

i just turned 33. oh boy! another year older.  not complete.. but happy :)

thank you Lord!



  1. Oh crap, this is sooo late. Happy Birthday myangligaw! awts,hope you had a fun bday and more blessings to come. but wait, you gonna study??? woah! buti pa siya! congrats! =D

  2. thank you urbanmiss.. my day turned out well naman.. yes, my boss made me enroll in a certificate course on hr-training under PMAP..had my first class yesterday and it was really fun.. so excited to be studying again.. :)