Tuesday, April 17, 2012


i was still trying to make way for my new heaven.. trying to get used to the roaming people everywhere.. trying to pacify myself with the absence of my bicolMOON and skies.. and trying to find comfort and refuge in the company of new friends..

just when i am starting to get comfort in all the newness of my world, you were there standing in front of me..
and everything just changed..

suddenly my routines were getting mixed up again..my so-usual-preoccupied-mind was frequently visited by thoughts of you.. and then my morning and night prayers started to whisper your name..

i guess my mind is experiencing one hell of a great spin again..
and i am getting a heart attack...

at the end of the day,
i know that this should not be happening

because at the end of the day (still)
i'd rather remain on common grounds than see myself at the losing end again..


unless you are really for real.

but you're not.
of course
you're not.


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