Saturday, May 19, 2012


people were asking me about my birthday project this year? last year was a simple party at the virlanie foundation and friends helped raised school supplies for the kids ( it was indeed a fun-filled day.

this year, i have decided to support a scholar from kara david's project malasakit. since i also believe that education is meant to be shared to everyone, i believe that through this, i will be able to help in the advocacy on education. i don't have much resources to share, but i think my small amount of contribution which will be in a monthly basis will help out in ways more than one.  

the project malasakit supports a number of scholars.  mostly identified through the documentaries covered by kara david.  one of the scholars is actually from camarines norte, jonel dasco, who is a child laborer in paracale.  i was able to watch him in the i witness documentary gintong putik and was really saddened that he has to work for a lot of reasons.  seeing him just made me even more decided to do something about it. 

school is about to start, and i am also excited for the scholars to be back to the classrooms again.  if you would like to also help, feel free to check the website and share it with friends. instructions on how you can be of help to the foundation are reflected on the site.

little steps can bring so much if put together.
so, for those who helped me raise funds at last year's birthday project, i would welcome help with waiting arms.

because at the end of the day, like jonel and other people working for the family, the purpose for doing things is even more than getting gold... dahil hindi lahat ng kumikinang ay ginto.. :)

no one has so little that there is nothing more give,
nor so much that there is nothing more to receive.


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