Friday, February 25, 2011


hrmo newbies - the young ones :)
it wasn't too long ago when i interviewed them and then later became part of our office's human resources management team.. finally, i have new friends here. i started to have company when going home (at least until the main gate), people to joke around with, new running buddies, and being together in sharing anxieties because of our lapses in our respective office tasks.

mas banggag pa si Miss
but i guess, heaven has another plan in store.. Super Rhey was under contract for 165 days as my assistant in recruitment.. it was really a blessing having him around.. he learns fast (and i mean fast) and exudes confidence in what he does.. in fact, Big Boss (my boss) even thinks that he is better than me sometimes (oh, that hurt my ego once, but yeah, he is really a lot better than me in some areas).. i have seen him learn and improve his recruitment and screening skills, and i cannot be more proud to have him learning the craft with me.. because he was on a contractual basis, i had no choice but to let him go.. nonetheless, as one proud Ms Mya, i am happy to note that we were able to refer him to another office.. although his services wont be with us anymore, i will be happy to see him learn new things again.. hay, ill be missing you Supre Rhey.. : )

i can vividly remember Miss Roxy's interview.. she appeared to be very shy.. i sensed that she came from a pampered life, but at the same time i saw her eagerness to challenge herself outside the confines of her family and see how far she can go and do things on her own.. i knew you have the skills to make things happen, but as life's mysteries unfolded, i guess heaven really had other plans.. 

no goodbyes, only see you later.. 
if we want to keep our friendship, finding ways on how to keep it should be a priority.. what better way to do it than pig outs and sleep overs.. 
1st stop, Balagtas, Bulacan. 022411-thursday..

on the way out the main gate, we saw Piloposopong Komikero and my officemates were pushing that he comes with us... what's good about it was the fact that we now have our official photographer... yahoo... : )

i actually requested Ms Roxy's nanay to cook kare-kare for us.. PK was telling me that i was like a spoiled brat with the request.. there was also adobo and beef kimchi as add ons.. i think its my best dinner for 2011 so far.. (haist, next to my Mama's new year cooking of course).. 

PK enjoying the swing.. 

with Rice Queen 

PK lumamon galore and clicked right away with my office buddies.. 

oishi gourmet (regular) salt flavor and bbq tortillos topped with beef kimchi (c/o of PK) and fritos cheese dip..  

resting time.. taking advantage of the air conditioned room..

PK and Rice Queen kidding around (pretending they were holding a thick book where in fact they were holding blankets na inarmirol - haha, that was the hardest blanket i have ever seen).. hahaha..

and then there were three.. lumpiang sariwa, lumpiang ubod, at lumpiang hilaw.. 

nanay prepared us a hearty breakfast.. hmm, daing na bangus, corned beef, left over adobo, and itlog na maalat with tomatoes.. (oohh, a breakfast which strongly reminded me of people from home, hai8).. we also had lechon kawali and sinigang na sugpo over lunch. unfortunately, i did not bring along with me the charger of the camera so we weren't able to take a picture of it.. still, the food was completely superb!!

time flies so fast.. and i am glad i have found new friends here.. hopefully, my friendship with them will also be like those i have back home..

i will surely miss Super Rhey and Miss Roxy in the office.. but i know sleep overs, marathons, and road trips will come along..

see you later.. 



  1. so happy for you! I wish I can keep my friendships long enough and deep enough like the ones you have. Sana nga ganoon kadaling i-balance ang lahat. I want to do well, I want to stay in touch with friends, I want to chase my passion, I want to be a responsible daughter, I want a brighter future than the past...ahhh!!! Grabeng intrinsic motivation ang kailangan! =)

  2. @urban miss.. kaya naman eh.. kailangan mo lang gustuhin talaga.. life isnt perfect and fair, pero i started this year with the goal to have each day treated as if its my last.. from good morning greetings, to making things happen, to embracing changes, to trying to be a better daughter and sister, to discovering places and simple joys... lahat kako yayakapin ko ng buo.. and with that in mind and as a goal, hindi man ako kumpleto, nararamdaman kong mas masaya ako..

    sana matupad mo din mga nais mo.. sabi nga ng isang kaibigan, at the end of the day, yung nararamdaman mo pa rin ang mas mahalaga.. hehe.. :)