Friday, February 18, 2011


edsa run vs 143 go?
parang sinabi mo na rin na pumili ako,
para sa bayan o para sa  puso?

3 weeks ago, sabi ko 143 go..

7 days ago, sabi ko edsa run..

sa oras na ito,
di ko na alam.

ps. happy birthday teddy bear...


  1. When you serve and support those less fortunate crowd, your heart will be on its proper health.
    Hitting two birds with one stone.

    I like this teaser of EDSA Run 2011 -

    - ako'y nagbabalik.

  2. james here... 143 go ang vote ko for you ate..hahahah wala lang..hahaha

  3. @anonymous 1.. aren't you the same person who told me earlier about hitting two birds with one stone?

    and yah, saw that teaser too.. kaya lang pinili ko yung isa kasi may details..

    @james.. haha.. sige, il count your vote.. that makes them tie i guess..

    voting is still on till midnight.. hehe..