Sunday, February 13, 2011


i had a fun-filled saturday.. i had a day-off the office and went to tagaytay with people i didn't know (not until this morning).. the road trip was great.. i shared stories, and (in betweens) they would talk in their vernacular and there i would put myself to zzzzz-world.... :) nonetheless, it was a blessing meeting and forming new ties of friendship.. they're chinese, of different breed, but really with sweet and lovely hearts..

kuya rolly  drove us safely to tagaytay and back in manila.. ms. sylvia, 77 years old but very young at heart.. a filipina but now an american citizen.. your stories about so many countries you've visited made the trip more interesting..

yolanda.. 19 days in the philippines isn't enough to experience filipino culture at its best.. then again, i am glad that i was part of these 19 days.. although you may seem at a loss when i speak fast, you will always remind me of those round eyes (you really chinese or what? :))

bro. joseph.. oh, another scholastic for a friend ey.. :) the road to translation of my points to yolandas world.. hehe.. i can vividly remember your thin eyes going big when you saw the special bulalo for lunch.. and wohhh, you amazed me when you excitedly finished up the bulalo.. you really did give justice to the bulalo's purpose of existence... 

kevin.. 2 years in the philippines and dreaming to bring your family here for good.. i was in awe when you spoke of your catholic baptism, of love for my country and the people in it.. you stopped after a minute of explaining to me what you do for work because you said it will bore me.. i was actually wondering if i looked bored when you were starting to talk about it.. hahaha.. but honestly, it was not that i was bored, financial matters aren't after all my cup of tea.. i was also smiling when you looked so amazed that to know that you can light different colored candles because they meant different prayers.. and you, writing excitedly your prayers on paper at the pink sisters convent made me look at heaven with full smiles..

more pictures of the trip.. just playing around and having fun.. enjoying the sweet-cold-fresh breeze of tagaytay... kevin wanted to see macho girls so we did some macho poses.. this is yolanda's and bro joseph's wacky pose (oh, ok)..



celebrating hearts day in advance with all of you was fun.. i feel more blessed to have this chance of spending this day with all of you.. looking forward to seeing you again.. 

happy hearts day everyone.. :) 



  1. Another breaking-from-the-routine moment for you. Good job!

  2. nice to see you having fun... hahaha i'm gonna visit you there...hahahaha,