Tuesday, February 1, 2011


done with warm up :)
i had my first marathon for 2011 (Run for fun. Race for place).  Pilosopong Komikero was able to join me for this run.  lucky me i was able to have the last registration form for the 5k category, while he had no choice but to join the 10k category.

waiting for the gun start :)
he said he was running for fun (just as the tag for this run suggests). i, on the other hand was running for (ei Teddy Bear, what was i running for again? shhh...).. haha.. yeah, for fun too.. and for place..

my 1st finishers medal :)
i was hoping to set my personal time record (ptr) for this.. i nearly thought  i would be able to meet my desired time (targeting 30min but had 0:41:21).. but the thing is, i made it to the first 500 finishers for the category (ranked 446).. which meant, earning my first ever finishers medal.. yey... and double yey...
oh, the moon and his star again.. weird!

yes, i ran for fun this time.. i ran for celebrating the start of this year.. and to top that, i ran with that same sight above me again..

i ran because i thank God for every chance that i have to show people i love them..
eat. pray. love. run. and love again.



  1. good morning.haha grats on ze medal! =]

  2. thanks thanks.. inggit si marshee.. kung nag 5k daw sya, malamang meron din daw sya.. :)