Monday, February 7, 2011


my top14 favorite lines from the book pack up the moon by anna mcpartlin.. a heart-warming story of the courage it takes to move past loss and learn to live.

some tragedies are of our own doing and then sometimes things happen that are out of this world's control and when it happens, it can take our breath away. (emma-p10)

i nodded and i wished i could feel normal again.  (emma - p54)

i no longer pretended that he was still here. i chatted as one would to a dead person.  i was over the denial. i was mostly over the anger and i had bargained enough in the hospital to last a lifetime. (emma - p64)

he was laughing again and seeing his wide smile and big eyes reminded me of how we used to be (emma-p125)

the passage of time is a funny thing.  sometimes i wish that i could hold on to just one moment, stop time, just for a while (noel, p150)

i know exactly which moment i'd like to hold on to (emma - p150)

you want to travel or you want to run away (emma - p151)

i looked up at the sky.. i wish i could hear you just once, just to know you're okay (emma - p168)

where's the girl i used to know? where's the girl with the smile that could melt the hardest of hearts? i know you're in there somewhere, behind all that pain and guilt (doreen - p218)

if it was you who died, wouldn't you want him to carry on, to be happy? (doreen - p219)

for the first time in a long time i thought about God and His plan and i believed (emma - p278)

it's funny how the world works, how we win and lose, how we can never really know what's ahead though we never stop planning.  how we survive and move on.  there's a sadness that comes with survival, but also mere joy to be had. (emma - p287)

and i knew. oh no, something bad is happening. and then there was nothing. (emma - p352)

so this is just a heads-up on the four key things that life has taught me thus far. after night comes day. after death comes life. even at your darkest time look around because you are never really alone. you are loved. (emma - p367)


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