Sunday, February 27, 2011


"'di na  ko papayag mawala kang muli.. 'di na ko papayag na muling mabawi.."
(lifted from an edsa song, singing this on my way to moa)

a week ago, i was at the crossroads of choosing whether to join the edsa run or 143 go.. surveySAYS the score was tied to 6.. that meant going through discernment to come up with the best decision (hehe, like its a matter of life and death ey!).. well, for people who knows me, they most probably thought that i would go for 143 as they know too well that i am a "feeling-type" of person rather than the "thinking-type.".. believe it or not, i did think about the matter, and yes, after discernment, i knew what run to go to..

both marathons had good intentions.. not that the one is better than the other, i just thought that i would be happier if i choose the cause that would be closest to what i hold on to..

i thought i won't be able to run because i wasn't feeling well the past days.. but i guess, i was meant to run this sunday that i woke up really feeling ready to go.. one thing special about this run was that i had no running buddies with me.. everybody had something else in mind to do.. so, it was just me and the rest were all strangers..

i see this run as another form of "me-myself-and-i time".. see below some of the highlights of the event..

the start and finish line.. at the sight of it, i knew i would finish longer that my past run.. (haha..never mind, its merely finishing the race that i am after this time).. (oh wait, results just in.. ranked 118 out of 263.. run time @36:51 - ill consider this my PB for now)

people warming up with the help of fitness instructors up stage...

in spite of the thick clouds.. myMOON

oh, there you are again..  you really never fail to be present in my runs huh?!! so, are you running with me today?.. i hope it's a yes...

10k category getting ready for the gun start...

love at its best :)

couple run :)

saw them running and i found it really cute.. i asked his permission if i can take a picture of him and his dog.. he said yes and even offered if i wanted to have a picture with his dog.. of course (as usual) i wasn't so adventurous to say  "yes" to the idea.. haha...

i cared. i shared. i loved.
(some women of mary kay)

i liked the shout out of their shirt.. so again i asked permission if i can take a picture of them (man, people are so kind to say yes)..

after the run (that's 5 reps of bruno mars' just the way you are, 4 reps of ambassadors' version of it might be you, and 3 reps of kamakawi'ole's over the rainbow)
... winning moments for me... and meeting piglet's grandad.. so nice!!


after attending last sunday's mass, i knew what run to go to... i was thinking, edsa run was about raising classrooms for the filipino children.. 143go was for the benefit of the OPD pediatric charity patients of the philippine heart center.. thinking further, i arrived at the feeling that if children are given the chance to live longer, they also learn to put the highest value to life, living, and sharing.. and when that happens, they turn out to be people with good hearts.. and if they have good hearts, helping others will come and happen as certain as the sun rising everyday...

heartbeats stronger than ever.. proudMYA..
when we help people heal hearts,
we make our own hearts lovelier as well..
when we help people with ailing hearts, we give them the chance to discover and experience what true love really is...


"'di na ko papayag mawala kang muli, 'di na ko papayag na muling mabawi.."
(i was  refering to my heart when i was singing these lines this morning)..



  1. yeah. and of what use are classrooms if there aren't any children to use them? :))

  2. ahaha.. correct! bilis mo naman mag comment.. nabasa mo yung sohappyHEART? kasali ka dun sa kumanta di ba?

    wala lang, bigla ko lang naisip.. :)

  3. hey happy that you were able to run.
    i hope next time i'll be able to run with you.

    sige lang

    im excited for our summer adventure trip

  4. @via yang..

    yah.. happy nga na nakatakbo ako.. medyo mabagal lang pero ok lang.. at least, i am able to run a race once a month..